Looking ahead

on 12/21/17 3:47 am

13 yrs DS veteran and love this life. But, I have let pounds creep on during this year. Starting January I'm going to focus in and get back on track. My goal is to drop 10 - 15 pounds by end of March. That's a challenge for me, but I believe I can do it.

So why am I posting this now, you ask. I'm planning ahead. I'm noticing what/when/how much I eat now, so I'll know which parts of the day are my weak points. And can I just tell you, I am eating a lot. Oops. But I'm not changing anything between now and New Years, just paying attention to eating habits. Seems I've developed a serious love affair with carbs.

Im browsing the posts for inspiration on recipes. I'm refreshing my memory on different exercise activities that maybe I used to do but have forgotten about. And I'm looking for new ideas, always. I also believe it's a good idea in general to stay connected with the DS community because we are our best resource in most cases for support and advice. when I read about someone losing their pounds and exercising and feeling so good, I get excited and want to feel that way too.

Enough for now Just wanted to get myself started on my challenge. Thanks to all who post and share I don't always post maybe as often as I should, but I often browse to see what the community has to say.

Have a good day everyone.

on 12/21/17 11:34 am

Good luck! I am one of the unlucky ones who still have to diet so I understand!

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