Post DS Complications 3 months later. Fainting, dumping syndome, low energy

on 12/22/17 8:42 am

Hello, I got my sleeved revised and the DS at the Mexicali Bariatric Center in August 2017. I am down about 65 pounds. Since then I've had some complications and would like anyone's advice here on what to do.

  1. Ever since surgery I've been fainting. This has happened at least 7 times. It can happen in the morning, or during the day (usually when I am on empty stomach). I thought I was just dehydrated at first. I drink at least two liters of water a day, but they have continued to happen. I made an appt. with endocrinologist and cardiologist. So far I have seen the endocrinologist. I did some bloodwork this week for cortisol and hemoglobin and am waiting the results. She gave me a blood glucose testing kit to see if my blood sugar levels are low, maybe it could be the issue. I will test it the next time I faint. Next I will see cardiologist in a few weeks. Anyone here have this fainting issue? What is causing it?

  1. Next I have that dumping syndrome. I am on the toilet at least three times a day. Usually I do it twice in the morning. My poo is usually oil, sometimes red, very wet. Very rarely solid. I am on a high protein diet, drink plenty of water. I also take probiotics, as well as a fiber supplement, and yet I still have this issue since surgery. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night to go and sometimes its painful. Any advice on what to do next? It's very annoying. Does this ever go away?

  1. I have very low energy, very lethargic and tired at least half the week. My last bloodwork was done at the end of October and the only numbers that were low were
    1. Vitamin B6 3.9 (low). And I have since taking additional b6 so hopefully my next bloodwork will show improvement
    2. Vitamin D 23.1 (low ) now taking additional vitamin D
    3. HDL cholesterol 19 (low)
    4. Cholesterol 74 (low)
    5. BUN / Creatinine ratio 6 (low)

Does anyone have any advice for me? I let the Mexicali bariatric center know and am waiting there feedback as well.

on 12/22/17 8:48 am

Also forgot to add that i regularly test my blood pressure and it's always normal. I had my mom test me right after i fainted and was on the floor and it was 110/80. Usually my blood pressure varies between 110-120 over 80. Everything seems to be normal here.

on 12/22/17 8:59 am

Another thing that has happened since surgery is I routinely loose the flow of blood into my right hand as im using the computer, as well as my legs when i sit. This never happened before whatsoever. Maybe this is something the cardiologist can help me with. I am on the computer all day long and never had this issue before.

on 12/22/17 10:38 pm

Dumping syndrome????? Sounds like oil slicks to me. Common for new DSers during the fast weight loss stage or any of us if we eat too much fat.

The fainting sounds like low blood sugar. Find out. Start eating every 2 hours and see if it improves. Are you getting enough salt, magnesium, calcium, and potassium? Maybe replace a liter of water with SF G2 for a couple days.

Don't worry about the cholesterol. That's pretty normal for us. Yes, you need a lot more D. What are you taking? The B results are a snapshot in time because it's a water soluble not stored in fat. It may or may not be low for real. Low BUN has lots of possible causes. One is low protein.

What vites and how much are you taking? Compare what you are taking to the DS list. What does a typical food day look like?

on 12/23/17 8:36 am


Yes they could be just oils slicks and not dumping syndome. I dont know. Mexicali Bariatric Center got back to me and they said i should go see a gastroenterologist because they said when i go poo it releases the electrolytes and that could be the reason im fainting as well as having low/no energy.

It also could be due to low sugar, I will be testing my blood glucose level the next time I faint and see what it says. I saw from the labs that my hemoglobin level (4.9%) is normal but my cortisol is slightly low (5.5) and my endrocrinologist wants to go back to test it that again.

As for the salt, magnesium, calcium, and potassium. This is the list of supplements i take daily. I take vitamin patches from patchmd. They go right through the skin so they absorb 100% of it, instead of taking pills where there is malabsorption. Does this look good?

Totals Amount Type
Vitamin K2 2160 mcg
Vitamin E 250 IU
Vitamin D3 12000 IU
Vitamin C 2250 mg
Vitamin B6 200 mg
Vitamin B5 125 mg
Vitamin B3 160 mg
Vitamin B2 145 mg
Vitamin B12 2500 mcg
Vitamin B1 145 mg
Vitamin A 13500 IU
Calcium 2525 mg
Iron 90 mg
Potassium 199 mg
Zinc 15 mg
Magnesium 1200 mg
Selenium 100 mcg
Phosphorous 100 mg
Molybdenum 100 mcg
Manganese 4 mg
Iodine 150 mcg
Folate 1200 mcg
Copper 2 mg
Chromium 200 mcg
Chloride 70 mg
Boron 3 mg
Biotin 900 mcg
B-9 200 mcg
Astaxanthin 2000 mcg

on 12/27/17 5:41 am
DS on 11/11/14

#1 don't count whats in your multi, consider it icing on a cake

2 Patches have pretty much been proven to be a failure for DS'ers, just don't work.

3 i think you should get 50k D3 and 25k A as most DS'ers use.

on 12/27/17 6:51 pm

Do you have any proof to backup this statement about patches not working. I see a lot of people on this forum stating they work. Some say they haven't so it seems to depend on the individual.

on 12/27/17 7:13 pm
DS on 11/11/14

I've yet to see a DS'er they work for. Maybe the sleeve. That's all the more time I'll spend on it. If you want to experiment with your health after so many others had zero luck, good luck.

on 12/27/17 7:23 pm

guess ill find out on my next bloodwork. ill be pissed if they dont work. i cant stomach taking vitamins and vomit them out , especially large capsules.

on 1/1/18 6:58 pm
RNY on 07/23/14

Like any vitamin, it is about absorption. The reviews are mixed on the patches. I personally have done very well on them, I even over-absorbed on the D patch in just 2 weeks on it. That being said even pill form vitamins don't all absorb well. So the only way to tell is keeping up on your blood work.

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