Approaching 8 years - still great. Also, what form of iron do you take?

on 12/29/17 8:08 am


My 8-year mark will be here in a few months. I am still doing good with my DS. I started gaining weight because I sat around eating carbs for a few months, but I've gotten back to normal eating and taken most of that excess off.

I currently take Proferrin because it keeps my iron, hemoglobin and so forth within range, but it's expensive and I'm looking to cut costs. Are any of the cheaper forms just as good at keeping up DS patients' iron levels?

on 12/29/17 9:14 am

By the way, here are some of my current stats:

RED BLOOD COUNT 4.84 mil/cu mm
IRON 69 ug/dL
FERRITIN 29.9 ng/mL

on 12/29/17 3:28 pm

I take Ferro Sequel capsule once daily, first thing in AM. Available at most drug stores and Walmart. Seems to work well for me at 12 yrs post DS. Ferro Sequel is a slow release iron supplement.

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