Air Gas vs. Skunk Gas

on 1/31/18 10:47 pm

Yup, I'm going there. The gas is still a challenge for me, as I completely ignored the eating plan for the past 3.5 years. The gas situation was getting way out of hand and I finally decided to reign it in.

I've noticed a difference between trigger foods that cause air gas (not awful smelling) but definitely passing air, and foods that cause an awful stank. It seems like the air is mainly from certain high fat foods, and the terrible smell is mostly from white flour products like bread and pasta, and some sugar substitutes (sorbitol).

Awful Smells: Kaiser Bread Rolls, Hero Sandwich Bread, Sour Dough, Mac & Cheese, Zitti, Milk, Cooked Onions, Sorbitol, HFCS, Toffee Candy.

Moderate to low Smell: Most Candy, Some Fruits

No Issue: Greek Yogurt, Banana's, Grapes, Oatmeal, Rice, All Proteins (meats, eggs, nuts)

Not Sure: Fiber, Beans

Lots of Air Gas: High Fat Foods like real Ice Cream, Dairy (Milk, Mozzarella Cheese)

If anyone has added insight, please add to the list.

Janet P.
on 2/2/18 8:41 am

I've never broken it down like that but it's interesting. I'll try to pay closer attention and report back.

I do take Devrom (two pills three times a day) and I feel it helps me with the odor. Doesn't work for everyone.

Janet in Reston
DS 2/25/03
Hazem Elariny
on 2/3/18 7:06 am - Parma, OH
DS on 04/15/13

Interesting. Some of that from the milk products sounds like me when O was freshly post-op and had some lactose intolerance. That eventually went away for me but a lot of gas to start with powdered and regular milk. Not so much for cheese and yogurt.

I find if I can get to a BM first I eliminate a lot of the gas issues. It's just the longer a high fat food is in my gut the more gas prone I am but I haven't really correlated the smell level. :)

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on 2/9/18 3:59 pm

It's the exact same for me. BM's seem to take care of things really well, but the longer things like fats stay inside, the much worse the gas.

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