Diet Immediately Post-Op

on 2/14/18 4:34 pm

When I saw my nut today, she gave me the pre-op diet. I meant to ask her for the post op diet so I can cook and freeze, but forgot. What was your diet like immediately post op? Is it strictly clear liquids (soups, etc.) or can you have other liquids and purees? Recipes and/or ideas most welcome!

Janet P.
on 2/15/18 11:35 am

First, it's always recommended to follow your surgeon's orders - some surgeons want you on liquids for longer, it just depends.

Honestly, what you're "eating" immediately post-op can fit in a spoon (literally). Trying to remember back 15 years but I did a few days of broth, SF jello, SF ice pops, apple sauce. Onto soft foods - cottage cheese, soft scrambled eggs, yogurt. Eventually things like tuna, etc. Remember you're only eating a couple of bits of food. That can last for several weeks. You're also supplementing with protein shakes.

The general rule of thumb is that by 30 days post-op you should be getting in 30 grams of protein, by 60 days post-op getting 60 grams of protein, and by 90 days post-op getting 90 grams of protein. Ultimately you want to be getting at least 120 grams of protein a day. If you ultimately decide to start working out, you may need more.

Some suggestions:

  • Don't overstock.
  • Your tastes will change so don't buy or cook too much pre-op because you don't know what will agree with you, etc.
  • Finding a protein shake I liked was hard but 15 years ago the choices were limited. Again, buy in limited quantity in case you don't like it post-op.

Janet in Leesburg
DS 2/25/03
Hazem Elariny

on 2/15/18 1:34 pm

Thanks Janet. I had a sleeve done 7.5 years ago, so I remember what that post-op was like. I'm assuming I'll be on clear liquids to stay hydrated for a while, then soft purees, etc. I might be in trouble because my favorite protein drink is Click and it's *full* of caffeine, which my surgeon now prohibits!

on 2/15/18 8:31 pm
Revision on 01/29/18

Hi my name is Wendy and I am 3 weeks post op DS ...I had a revision from the gastric bypass 15 years ago to a Duodenal switch. I will tell you I found a really good tasting protein drink @ GNC and they will let you sample it before purchasing. Its called Lean Shake 25. It comes in Vanilla bean, strawberry, chocolate and snickerdoodle. I would try them all. I didnt like the choc but love the vanilla and strawberry. they are 170 calories, 25g protein, 3g fiber. I also use the vanilla in my oatmeal or cream of wheat. I wish you the best and I hope this was helpful for you.

Take care , Wendy

on 3/3/18 5:45 pm
DS on 03/05/18

Agreed! I'm on the pre-op

diet. Surgery is Wednesday. I've stocked up on the GNC lean shakes. They're awesome.

on 3/7/18 12:07 pm
Revision on 01/29/18

Hi, I wish you a speedy recovery!! On the road to a healthier you?ð?'Those GNC drinks are great, I am glad you like them.

on 2/16/18 8:31 am - Parma, OH
DS on 04/15/13

Post-op I had several 2 week phases.

first liquids only, soups as long as they were strained (mostly I did propel, G2, broth (lots of broth because easier for me to get down something warmer. Tried some Premium protein drink at this point too thick for me then.

Then puree for 2 weeks that I skipped after a week. Pureed chicken mostly. More soup. Added Optimum Nutrition 100% whey powdered protein drink made with water.

Then 2 weeks soft foods. Cottage cheese, Wendy's chilli, tuna and egg salad, yogurt, cheese slices

Then introducing real foods. Only able to take a couple of oz at a time, Nothing too dense (steak) or too dry (more au juice or gravy). Still chicken heavy but dark meat not white.

You'll have to see what your surgeon recommends. Sometimes they go right to soft foods. I wouldn't worry the first 2 or 3 weeks about vitamins or protein - just do what you are comfortable with.


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on 3/7/18 12:12 pm
Revision on 01/29/18

Hi Pete, I appreciate your feedback?Thank You , this was very helpful. I hope your doing great !!ð?' Sincerely, Wendy

Valerie G.
on 2/18/18 2:08 pm - Northwest Mountains, GA

Answers vary SO greatly by surgeon on that question.

For instance, I was eating soft food on days 3 and 4 in the hospital. Some surgeons have their patients on a liquid diet for a few weeks.

11 years post op DS 
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on 3/7/18 12:15 pm
Revision on 01/29/18

Hi Valerie, Your right...I just started my 6th week and I was told pureed until 5th week and some soft protein. I hope everything is going well for you! Sincerely, Wendy

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