12 years 300 lbs Still rocking the DS

Beam me up Scottie
on 2/17/18 3:49 pm, edited 2/17/18 3:51 pm
DS on 02/17/06 with
Not a terribly long post. 12 years ago today I had the DS.

Unlike a lot of other surgeries.....the DS (the original) has kept me thin for 12 years. I lost 300 lbs and kept it off.
Most days I forget that I had surgery, aside from popping 2 handfuls of vitamins a day- I'm pretty normal. No malnutrition, no explosive poops, no uncontrollable gas.

Take what you want from this post, but something that we said 12 years ago often on this board and maybe something that should be said more often, "Think twice, cut once," get the DS.
Valerie G.
on 2/18/18 2:12 pm - Northwest Mountains, GA

Hi Scott! Yours is a fantastic success story for DS. I'm glad you're poking in here again.

11 years post op DS 
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on 2/18/18 3:41 pm - bay area, CA

The DS only gave you that opportunity. You are the one who made the most of it, and still does. Love ya and great job!


Janet P.
on 2/19/18 6:56 am

Agree 100% Scott. It doesn't rule our lives but helps us live our lives. I'm 6 days shy of my 15 year anniversary.

Janet in Leesburg
DS 2/25/03
Hazem Elariny

Beam me up Scottie
on 2/24/18 9:26 pm
DS on 02/17/06 with

I could have never made it without the people on this forum. Even though it's slower than it use to be, I'm glad newbies can search its content.
Kathy S.
on 3/1/18 2:40 pm - InTheBurbs, XX
RNY on 08/29/04 with

Congratulations! Thanks for the update!

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