New Study for those Considering SADI/SIPS

on 2/20/18 3:23 pm

Fat malabsorbtion gone at the 1 year point. Looks like to be successful long term would be low cal, low fat, low carb, and average protein.

on 2/20/18 11:26 pm

This is a foolish post.

Everyone on this site needs to stop with the SADi bashing. It's an outstanding option and extremely successful. I did extensive research and scheduled the original DS but my surgeon backed out a week before surgery. My much better new surgeon was an expert on the original DS but recommended the SADi as a better option. I followed his advice and now in my fourth year, I'm as thin as a rail and eat a lot - The SADi works fantastic and helps compensate for my personal failures sticking to the plan.

Any procedure that gets a morbidly obese person to a healthy weight is a great option, and bashing the SADi when you're not really familiar with it can hurt others that should consider the option. It's lower risk and only requires about a half dozen vitamin pills taken once a day. It's the real deal, and that's based on my real experience.

on 2/21/18 10:04 am - bay area, CA

I'm glad that your experience has been positive, but that's the experience of one fortunate person, who is now bashing someone for posting an article from a scientific conference that was NOT about bashing any operation, but rather, a study showing that fat malabsorption with SADI is not permanent and lasts a relatively short time. That's science, not "bashing".

If SADI is working for you, it's doing so without fat malabsorption. Good for you, but that doesn't mean the article isn't accurate, or that posting it constitutes bashing.


on 2/25/18 9:55 pm

We're all friends here but some really important points:

The original DS has been a great option and anyone who lost a bunch of weight with it deserves great respect. But it's also important to realize life moves forward. When the DS was invented, there was no internet, no cell phones, email, etc. People were driving Ford Pinto's. Medicine moves forward like everything else.

You guys, although well intentioned, may be hurting people with the wrong advice on something you haven't experienced. Many of your own doctors, the true experts in both the original DS and SADi are recommending it. It's been around for more than 10 years (not experimental).

The SADi option avoids a lifetime of countless unnecessary vitamin pills and a lot of cost many people may not be able to afford. And the purpose is to avoid a procedure that DS surgeons recommend due to less risk and similar weight loss (per the research above).

Valerie G.
on 2/21/18 10:36 am - Northwest Mountains, GA

SADI is experimental, and saying so has nothing to do with bashing. The DS was considered experimental for 20 years and SADI's been around for what....5? You're one of the farthest post-ops I've seen. Until SADI (or LoopDS or SIPS - whatever name they decide on) becomes standardized and proven as a successful long-term tool, you and patients like you are pioneers. The reports like what are posted are valuable and necessary to compare the two in a fair and balanced way. Wouldn't you think it valuable for a doc to tell a patient that they are no longer malabsorbing fat, so lay off of the fat bombs? On a happy note, it might also suggest that the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins may improve after that second year, too. These are all worth following, especially being one of those pioneers yourself.

What is bashed is surgeons saying they are giving their patients a DS, not disclosing that it is experimental, or billing insurance for a DS when performing SADI (or LoopDS or SIPS, whatever they call it). All of that is perfectly worthy of bashing. They are unscrupulous and fruadulent.

11 years post op DS 
There is room on this earth for all of God's to the mashed potatoes

on 2/25/18 10:05 pm

Val, the SADi's been around for more than 10 years, which for me passes the experimental stage as long as results back it up and I know the surgeon has expertise in all options. If anyone feels that is not sufficient time, I understand and then it's a personal decision.

I also don't like unscrupulous surgeons but that's got nothing to do with the SADi. There are medicare fraudsters, WLS fraudsters, etc. We are all exposed to performing due diligence, especially on our surgeons.

Valerie G.
on 2/26/18 7:19 am - Northwest Mountains, GA

To consider SADI to not be experimental:

  1. Decide on a name. There should only be one.
  2. Be able to apply for pre-approval under that name to any insurance company that covers wls.
  3. No longer need to find out how to live from DS patients, since after 10 years that must be millions of patients to share.
  4. See a SADI dosage on the back of the designer bariatric vitamins.

These would all be signs that it's no longer experimental.

11 years post op DS 
There is room on this earth for all of God's to the mashed potatoes

on 2/21/18 12:41 pm

I wish you continued success.

Reporting science is not bashing or foolish. The article is a statement of facts observed by researchers. As time goes on there will be more studies completed and published on SADI/SIPS. That is exactly what should be done. And when studies come out they should be published and discussed.

I do have an issue with medical professionals selling these look alike procedures as the same or better than a DS. They are deceiving their patients because they do not know. At one point, they thought the LAP Band was going to work too. When they first did the DS years ago, they didn't know what the end results were until studies were done. Now they know. One day there will be something better than the DS and personally, I hope it's a pill. But I sure don't believe it's SADI.

Meanwhile, it is a logical assumption that more absorbtion of fat equals less weight lost and more regain. You don't have to be an MD or a rocket scientist to connect those dots. It's just common sense. But time will be the great truth teller. 15 years from now we will know for sure.

on 2/25/18 9:30 pm

First, I would like to clarify I do not think you are foolish, and I agree research done correctly is worth evaluating. A key point from your link about the DS/SADi DS is "no difference" in weight loss. It's a simpler version which also means lower surgery risk and fewer vitamins.

Your research link states: "SADI-S) is a technical simplification of conventional Duodenal Switch (DS), but with similar results in terms of weight loss and comorbidities evolution."

The research confirms SADi is simpler but just as effective for the period studied. The point on less fat malabsorption is based on a breath test of 18 people didn't seem like well founded research. There was also no conclusion drawn from the study which seemed odd.

Another important point you make above is actually a common misconception, and you might need to be a rocket scientist to explain why. Everyone assumes incorrectly the length of the common channel directly leads to a corresponding amount of weight loss. This is simply not true and no study implies this.

The shorter the surgeon makes the common channel, the higher the risk of malnutrition. The reverse about the higher weigh loss however does not hold true. This is a primary reason the SADi includes a longer common channel but still has similar weight loss.

Beam me up Scottie
on 2/24/18 3:12 pm
DS on 02/17/06 with
Since when is science foolish?

OH should really create a SADI board. It's a different surgery and this study proves it.
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