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on 5/27/18 7:22 pm
Topic: RE: DS years after RNY
I had the RNY done back in 2005. I orginally lost approximately 60 pounds then slowly started to regain my weight. When I finally had the courage to go back to the doctor it was discovered that I had a fistula. My stomach had reattached itself and my food was going into 2 stomachs. A little bizarre. Long story short in 2011 I had a revision to the DS. It was a long and complicated surgery but I had a wonderful surgeon and zero complications. I lost 160 pounds from the DS. I've gained a few of them back but overall I am very healthy and happy. No regrets. My surgeon is now retired but did weightloss surgery for 40 years. He said that the RNY might be called the gold standard but in his book the DS was the platinum and if he had t to do all over again he would only do the DS because of the success rate of the surgery.


Valerie G.
on 5/27/18 1:58 pm - Northwest Mountains, GA
Topic: RE: DS

The surgery is perfectly safe if done by a surgeon who has a lot of experience specifically in doing the DS, just like any other surgery. The important part of being healthy post-op is learning how to keep your nutritional health in order, and sadly, this is not advised well at all by the surgeons or their nutritionists who like to lump DS in with all other WLS, and it's simply not the case.

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on 5/27/18 1:00 pm
DS on 03/19/18
Topic: RE: Who does the Duodenal Switch

Not in that area but Bariatric Specialist of NC have doctor's who do the Bilopancreatic Deudonal Switch with Anastomosis.

on 5/26/18 7:02 pm - stockton, CA
Topic: DS

I'm thinking of having the surgery is it really safe and do anyone regret it.

on 5/25/18 1:52 pm
Topic: RE: Abscess - warning TMI

Hi Tracie.

My name is Kim. I came across your response while looking up how PRID has worked for others. I also have Hidradenitis Suppurativa, and I wonder if you have had any successes since you posted this in 2009. I know it's a long-shot that you even have this account anymore, but I would love to talk to you. I help run an HS group on Facebook for those who suffer silently with me.

I'd love to hear from you.

on 5/24/18 3:46 pm
Topic: RE: 9 month Post Op Bloodwork - chronic fatigue, muscle weakness

Just a quick note on serum calcium, to the best of my knowledge, it will always be fairly normal. If you body needs calicum, it strips it from your bones for the muscles (ie. your heart). A better guide is your PTH. If your PTH is high, you need more calcium and more Vit D. When my PTH was 100+, my Vit D 34, I was taking calcium 6x/day. My D went up taking 3-50k per day, but because I was taking during the day it max'd out in the 60s then, started going down. I started taking my dry vits (ADEK) in the middle of the night and my D went up to 100+. My PTH went down to 25.

There use to be a spreadsheet to track your labs. Not sure if it's still around.

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on 5/24/18 1:51 pm - bay area, CA
Topic: RE: Who does the Duodenal Switch

There is also a Dr. Troy Glembot in Winchester, VA. There may be others. I will send you a pm.


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on 5/24/18 9:00 am - Irvine, CA
Topic: Giveaway Time! Hurry, only a few days left!

We're celebrating our 20th Anniversary with giveaways! ??

We're holding a giveaway over on Instagram with over $250 worth of bariatric friendly products! We'll be holding many more giveaways over the next few months on our website, Instagram and Facebook. If you're interested in the details of this giveaway, just follow us on Instagram and look for the giveaway pic for full details on how to enter.

on 5/23/18 11:50 am
Topic: RE: 9 month Post Op Bloodwork - chronic fatigue, muscle weakness

ok, so what multivitamin should i take then specifically? please provide a link so i can try that instead of the procare multivitamin im currently taking.

so in addition to your multivitamin, you also take a sepeate A, D, E and K1, and k2 supplement every day? and all of those are from bio tech?

please list exactly which products you take because im interested in trying them and provide links, thx.

on 5/23/18 11:35 am - nottingham, md
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