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on 8/16/18 9:53 am
DS on 11/29/16
Topic: RE: Visit with Nutritionist: Big food restrictions starting ... now! Plus, no caffeine!

You can have cheese on Keto, you just need to shred your own as they at flour to keep it from sticking together. Paleo in no cheese.

on 8/15/18 7:36 pm
Topic: RE: DS Labs - HIGH Vitamin A Lvl

Lmao! If only i were that brave. Sad thing is that he turned out to be more right than im sure even he realized. I have a illness that causes my mast cells to go crazy... and for lack of a better explanation, the mast cells cause fat and fat cause mast cells (vicious cycle).... but HE didnt know that then.

Yes I think i will have to stop my multi-adek and do individual. So far i struggle with calcium, iron and D. Glad im good with something but i really liked the vitamins i got. I only had to take it 2 times a day and were reasonably priced. Im kinda pouting i cant use them anymore lol.

on 8/15/18 3:11 pm
DS on 11/01/14
Topic: RE: DS Labs - HIGH Vitamin A Lvl

I would tell your surgeon "his brain wants him to b stupid."

The simple answer is just stop taking vitamin A for a while if you believe the lab results are accurate. Everyone adjusts as they go along - I stopped taking vitamin E and Iron after year 1. You may end up not needing A but having to double down on something else.

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DS on 04/15/13
Topic: RE: DS Labs - HIGH Vitamin A Lvl

This does point out one of the problems with a multi ADEK. It takes longer than 2 weeks to flush out fat soluble vitamins because of how they are stored in the body. Unlike B12 that you just excrete the extra you are going to have to coast on low A intake for at least a month or so before you might start seeing a difference. The problem is that if you don't take the multi you are missing the other vits as well.

I wish I had more for you than some general information on fat soluble vitamins. Hopefully a retest will show it down at least a little because of testing variations.


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on 8/14/18 10:40 pm, edited 8/14/18 3:41 pm
Topic: RE: DS Labs - HIGH Vitamin A Lvl

It should be close to impossible for a DSer. Did you have high levels before your DS?

And I hope they told you not to take anymore A. Honestly the most likely scenario is still a lab error. Yes, I know you have symptoms as well. It is so unlikely you should have it done again.

on 8/14/18 7:56 pm
Topic: RE: Copper deficiency anyone?

It's useful to separate all minerals farther apart. I load high dose zinc on the weekend (Fri, Sat, Sun) and don't take it during the week. I stopped taking oral iron because the hematologist said it was clear I wasn't absorbing it. I take high dose copper once on Wednesday. Blood levels of everything are ok with this plan. Had very low zinc before. You might try drinking bottled water for a few weeks and see if that helps. Minerals in some city or well water might interfere with absorption. Do you have copper pipes that deliver water to your kitchen? If your pipes are very old, they may be leaching minerals into the water, interfering with copper absorption. I cook with copper pots (not copper colored, real copper

on 8/14/18 6:57 pm
Topic: RE: DS Labs - HIGH Vitamin A Lvl

Right, i agree....but even if its not due to the DS, I technically shouldnt have a high A lvl because i got the DS right?! And no, i dont eat a high A diet.

I guess what Im hoping for is someone who knows why or how i would be high in A despite having the DS?

Should i be worried that my DS surgery somehow was botched and thats why Im high in A (with really very little A vitamins/foods) and i never lost weight like other DS patients?

I honestly dont trust my seurgeon and refuse to see him. Im seeing a gastroenterologist next month for my unrelated chronic issues and plan to ask him, but i know there are SO many knowledgable people here who know about vitamins/absorption/mess ups so i thought id ask here in the mean time.

on 8/14/18 4:22 pm
Topic: RE: DS Labs - HIGH Vitamin A Lvl

High A is not at all common and I am doubting it is DS related. We are all about not absorbing enough, not too much. And you said you are not even taking all your vites. Are you eating a VERY high A diet?

on 8/14/18 2:44 pm
Topic: RE: I failed the DS, taking responsibility.

Look for the Ricota Fluff recipe or you can make a pudding using Chia Seeds. Beam me up Scotty can give you the recipe that he uses.

If you have jerky, nuts, cheese available and rid the house of the bad stuff, it's easier. You can do this.

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