Thyroid issues after surgery - massive weight gain - Help!

on 5/21/09 9:43 am - Hanover Park, IL
I had a successful gastric bypass iin 2003 and lost 120 pounds..  I was successful in keeping it off until about 2 years ago - I developed HYPER (not Hypo) thyroidism, which usually causes wieght loss and started gaining weight, among other typical hypothyroid symptoms.  I was diagnosed with Graves Disease and had radiation to destroy the thyroid and now take synthroid.  I have been mostly hypothyroid and have occasionally hit normal, but have not been able to stop gaining.  I still cannot eat a full meal.  Half sandwich or 4 c hicken nuggets is about normal for me.

Has anyone had problems with gaining weight not due to overeating?  I just don't know what else to do.

Anyone have this situation or have any knowledge?  I would really appreciate your help.
on 5/21/09 9:05 pm - Culpeper, VA

I have two friends with that issue.  However, now they are not in the same position as us being wls patients, however, they are very active.  They manage to be able to defuse the weight gain.  Maybe stepping up your activity level and maintaining a healthy eating program will help? 

Sorry for this.  I know it is one more stronghold to add to the mix.

Clueless about weight loss and weight loss surgery of any kind.


on 5/22/09 3:33 am - Hanover Park, IL
A little more info.  I'm really looking for someone who had/has this issue after WLS. 

Also, I did have breast cancer the year after WLS.  I had reconstructive surgery (whi*****luded a tummy tuck!) and also did chemo.  I always wonder what chemo may have done to my body.

I also, as a result of WLS, have hypoglycemia.

Thanks for and and all input!

on 5/22/09 2:27 pm - Indianapolis, IN
When I saw your post, I thought to myself-- gee did I write that?  So, YES, very similar story to me-- had my RNY back in 2000, lost 120 pounds--developed a thyroid goiter (Hyper) over the past few years, had thyroid cancer, thyroid removed last year- did not have to have chemo or radiation, taking Synthroid--up and down with my levels, BUT, I have gained about 80 pounds back--I would love to kick up the exercise but have also developed neuropathy in my feet and unable t o walk very far--feet burning and painful.  SO-- I am checking into the new ROSE procedure--without a thyroid I have no metabolism and Synthroid doesn't make a difference as far as I'm concerned, other than feeling tired alot.  I feel for you, I really do--just trying to find out which Indiana doc performs this and how can I get insurance to pay for it.  Have you checked into the ROSE procedure--its incisionless and made just for us regainers.

on 5/23/09 12:01 am - Hanover Park, IL
I will check into the ROSE procedure.  But yes, we ae much alike.  I am tired all the time and my joints and muscles hurt - especially my legs.

I fired my endo and am seeing a new one.  I will let you know if I have any luck and learn anything new.

I had a sleep study since I'm tired all the time and she wanted to be sure my sleeping wasn't an issue.  I won't get results for 2 weeks.

on 5/23/09 11:48 am - Indianapolis, IN
I saw my endo last week-- I was told he was a top doc for endo, that even my hemotologist respects him (and that means alot to me).  When I told him how I feel he was insisting that my thyroid numbers were fine and that he didn't know why I would have aches and pains though out my body-- I am just not buying that! I  would like to let him go, but, I was told that there are no others good enough. But I am eager to find out if my surgeon for the bypass will be doing the ROSE procedure.  Stay in touch!

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on 5/31/09 8:16 am - Menomonee Falls, WI
on 6/2/09 1:28 am
I had Graves Disease 7 years ago after I had my son and before I had WLS.  I had my surgery September 2007 and have lost 102 lbs.  But since then I have not been able to lose anymore weight.  I feel like a failure.  Since early on in my post op phase I have struggled to lose.  I think it's my lack of having a thyroid which is making it so difficult for me to lose.  And I also do not eat no where near the amount of food I used to. 
on 6/2/09 12:53 pm - colchester, CT
RNY on 03/30/04 with
Gee I feel like I've come home!
I am over 5 years out from my surgery and did very well. the first 8 months I lost 125 pounds. went from wearing a size 26/28 to a 8 & 10 ahhh those were the days!
after 3 years I gained the 15 pounds my surgeom said was normal to gain. I didn' tlike it and battled with it constantly.
before surgery i had minor problem with Low Blood sugar nothing major. i think because i ate all the time!
last year i went through a crazy stage and decided the only way to lose that dam 15 pounds was laxatives. and did that daily for over a month. Ok don't yell i've already beat myself up along with family members. I'm certainlyh old enough to know better!
because of that i messed up my pancreas and ended up with full blown low blood sugar hypogoximia. (spellling again sorry) to the point where i was having to eat every 20 minutes. i had terrible pains all over my muscles. uncontrolable shakeing in my legs hands and my face muscles would twitch. headaches like you would not believe. confusion dizziness and motion sickness like feelings. extreme tiredness no engery. i really thought i was on my way out. my surgeon wasn't any help! his dietician was just useless.
i finally went to a homepathic doctor who has been wonderful. now after almost a year i'm doing good. i can go 2 to 3 hours before i have to eat. i'm not having any of those awful symptoms thank you god! as long as i behave myself.
i do have those 15 pounds plus another 10 which i'm lucky its only another 10! especailly with all the food i had to eat!
my diet is now under control and i'm holdign my weight eating healthy and excersizing.but i can not lose!
my homepothic doctor did my blood levels and found i have a thryoid problem and will be going to see an endoronologist.
i can not blame the surgery on the LBS or the thryoid because there is history in my family of thyroid problems. My mother (weight problem) and my daughter (not any weight problems at all for her size 2 body!) are both on medication for it. I hadn't had a problem until the past year.
it is very depressing because i worked so hard to have the surgery and loss th weight and i did so well. now i worry that i'll gain all that i lost back.
on 6/18/09 11:15 am
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