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on 7/19/10 1:26 am - NC

I had the VSG nine months ago, I had complications and was not able to do anything for the first four months, I lost 50 lbs in those four months.  Once I was better I started working out three to four times a week for at least 60 minutes but closer to 75 minutes.  My calories are between 1,000 to 1,200, my protein is about 70, carbs under 80.  I have not lost anything since March.  I don't understand it.  I am truthfully doing what I am supposed to.  Has this happened to anyone else?  I've read a post where the person said they gained almost all their weight back because they are over eating but I am not over eating, I measure my food, and write everything down so I am accurate with my totals.  I do know that I never feel stuffed, I've never gotten sick, and sometimes I wonder if I really had the surgery.

I'm not sure what to do, my doctor says that maybe my body just wants to stay at this weight so my metabolism is lowering so I won't lose.  I hope he is wrong, I have been through too much for this to be it.
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on 7/19/10 4:31 am - Menomonee Falls, WI
I agree with the metabolism to a point but after 3 months of 1100 calories a day and working out I think you should see an endocrinologist.  You could be gaining some muscle weight but not that much.  I work out 30 minutes a day most days.  I eat at least 700 calories a day more than you and even I have lost slowly but I have lost something.  I am assuming you weigh about 175 lbs.  if your BMI is 31 like your profile page says.  Even a comatose person burns 10 calories a pound.  So the absolute least you should burn is 1750 calories a day.  In 3 months you should have lost a minimum of 1 lb per week or 12 lbs.  That is very conservative.  I really would see a specialist because maybe your thyroid is slow or something.   A week or 2 of a stall is understandable but 3 months is too long.   I can't understand how your surgeon can think a person eating 1100 cal a day wouldn't lose weight for no reason other than your body not wanting to lose weight.  Eventually we would all starve on 1100 cal. a day.  Tons of people maintain really low BMIs on 1200 cal a day.  Something isn't right.  I understand your frustration.  I really think you should check it out.  Daisy
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on 7/19/10 7:47 am - NC

Thanks for replying Daisy.  I weigh 187.  I agree that something is not right.  He said a formula might show that I should be burning so many calories but that my body might only do half of what another person would do, I would think he would want to find out why my metabolism is doing this if that is really what the problem is.  I hope something changes soon.
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on 7/19/10 12:34 pm - Menomonee Falls, WI
An endocrinologist specializes in things like that.  Google hypothyroid and see if you have other symptoms.  I know there are different levels of tests they can run.  You are exercising and not eating and not losing.  Look at all the food I eat (I have a mechanical failure) and  I exercise 30 minutes not an hour and I have lost from 190 to 185 since June 7th.  Something is not right!  I wish you luck trying to get an answer.  It did take a long time for me to find out what was going on so keep the faith.  Daisy
on 7/19/10 9:18 pm

You could also have sleep apnea...it prevents many people from losing weight. Go to your doctor...and try cutting your calories down and carbs down and see if that jump starts your weight loss again!
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on 7/19/10 11:26 pm, edited 7/19/10 11:34 pm - Menomonee Falls, WI
She is only eating 1000 to 1200 calories a day! She is counting and weighing her food. I believe her. She is exercising an hour. She is eating very low carb...if you read her post. She could eat a little more protein, vary the kinds of food, vary the exercise and drink more water. I bet she does drink her water if she is tracking and measuring everything else. I know a woman in Weigh****chers that stopped dieting over the holidays and only made sure she drank her water and she didn't gain weight that year. I was impressed. How much more can she cut down? I just hope she lets us know how thing progress and what she did to get things moving again. I know thousands of us would love to know how to make a failed WLS work. Obviously me included. Daisy
on 7/20/10 12:37 am
Daisy,-I didnt say I didnt believe her post, I was just trying to give advice as I have had the VSG. My doc recommends between 600-800 calories a day with less than 40 carbs. So 1000-1200 could be too high. I was merely giving advice as she was asking for it.
I am 3 months out and have continuously been losing except for a stall here and there...so was just giving my two sense.

Erin- I do think an appt with an endo doc would help, because you may have metabolic sydrome or insulin resistance. One other thing you might try is the 5 day pouch test and see if that works for you! I wish you nothing but the best!! :)
Starting Weight 295 Height 5'6
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on 7/20/10 12:50 am - NC

Thank you both for your advice.  I plan on getting some blood work done to see if something is happening.  I do not want to reduce my calories under 1,000 because that is unrealistic for me, in the beginning 600-800 was enough because the stomach was still swollen from the surgery but once I got past six months or so I was feeling way to weak to continue that low.  "Normal" people eat upwards of 1800 so there really shouldn't be a problem with me doing 1000-1200 and not losing. 

I will post again once I find out what going is going on.  Thanks again for your support.
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on 7/20/10 8:23 am, edited 7/20/10 8:25 am - Menomonee Falls, WI
Hi RYCRY= I was able to eat 500 to 800 calories before the RNY but now I am too darn hungry. I think we ate more than that on my first week after surgery diet. 3 meals and protein shakes in between. Anyways, I am so glad all is going well for you. Maybe some day I will be on the losers bench with you. Daisy
on 7/21/10 12:59 pm
VSG on 03/02/10 with
I think I have a better sob story....I had a VSG on March 2, 2010 and I have only lost 16 lbs! I weighed 226 lbs when I went in for surgery and I weigh 210 lbs. I lose a lb here & there, but nothing to really get excited about. I have lost inches (3.5" in my thighs, 3" in my arms...total of 14.5"), so its not all all bad. However, I think paying $13K and giving up a body part warrants a better return.

I also try to do all of the right things. I drink a 45 gram protein shake for breakfast, salad or sandwich for lunch, meat & salad or veggies for dinner. I swim daily. I just don't get it.

I have gone down one dress size. I feel really good, but I had hoped for so much more.

I am a little disappointed.
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