VSG ---anyone been RE-SLEEVED with improved success?

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VSG almost two years ago--never lost appitite and always  been able to eat more than others who have had surgery. I did not do my part either--keep a journal of food I ate, exercise daily, support groups etc., but I sure thought the sleeve would make it easier. If I had the will power to do all those things --I would have BEFORE surgery! BTW--My ins. did NOT cover one cent of my surgery--I paid for it myself! Just curious if anyone has been resleeved with improved success the second time around? Thanks for any in-put.

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on 12/27/10 2:34 am - Ypsilanti, MI
thought I was in a stall that was lasting forever ... I am a bit over 4 months now, and have only lost 36 lbs. How crazy is that. I just learned that my surgeon goes loose for room to heal. I am SO angry. My husband had his sleeve done over a year ago and still cant eat as much as I could 3 months out.
Cananyone appeal how the surgery is performed? My mother in law had hers done the SAME day as I and cant eat anywhere as much as I can. So frustrated!
on 12/28/10 12:05 pm
I know how you feel! A friend had hers about 3 months after I did and lost over 100 lbs in about 9-10 months! She still can hardly eat a thing! Another friend lost about 75 and still cant eat lettuce, onions, hardly any protein in one setting!!!!! I can eat anything and a good bit of it--I have from about 3 months out!! BTW--they didn't exercise, keep journal, etc. either!!! same Dr. as well! I just think maybe if your not 'severely' obese they don't make your stomach as small? just guessing? don't know!
PLEASE don't let me discourage you!! you are only 4 months out! just try as hard as u can to follow all the rules!!

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on 12/30/10 6:45 am - Mexico
Several have after having a sleeve that was not done properly to begin with.  A friend of mine went to a place in TJ that did half a sleeve... really a hack job and my surgeon resleeved her and she's doing well.

Her ID here is KimChee.

I can't remember the IDs of the others.

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Thank you. I am going to look her up AND make an appt. with my dr. for some x-rays etc. Thank you. :)

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Jen C.
on 1/4/11 12:23 am
It also has to do with the length of your stomach. I had a long stomach, so even though my surgeon used the smallest bougie he could, I can still eat twice as much as most sleeve patients.

Another factor is how fast your stomach empties- if your stomach empties rapidly into the intestines, you'll be able to eat a lot more, even with a small sleeve. And you'll get hungry more quickly.

So, sometimes a sleeve doesn't work as well, because of stomach length or rapid gastric emptying, and a re-sleeve would not fix those. If your surgeon is known for making small sleeves, it's more likely one of the other problems is the culprit. So your choices would be journal/exercise/support groups, or to get a DS.
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Christina N.
on 1/6/11 1:56 am - Houston, TX
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Hello! Thanks for your brave post and your honesty. I've seen alot of people put posts up about not losing weight, weight regain, and how they never lost their appetite and feel like they've failed...and then they get attacked by rude comments from others. Everyone's body is not the same, some may have had the same surgery, but each person's body reacts differently. We have all traveled different journies but shared the same underlying road...we all had to seek medical intervention to lose the weight.

Here's the story of my journey....

I had my first weightloss surgery in June 2008. I weighed about 308 and got the band put on. It was not my choice of surgery, nor my doctors, but it was the only one that I could get at the time. They discovered Malt Lymphoma in my stomach during the pre-op testings, and I had went through Chemo/Radiation treatment in Feb. 2008 so they didnt think it was a good idea for me to get the Gastric Bypass done. :(

I lost 55 lbs with the lap band within 9 mos but was constantly sick. The doctor worried that eventually the band would slip because I would always throw up (7x a day sometimes) so it was for medical reasons I got the band removed in March 2009. I got the Gastric Sleeve done at that time and lost another 60 lbs or so lbs in the first 9 mos. Total weight loss/2 surgeries = 115 lbs.

I stuck to my diet pretty well, worked out with a trainer, kept a food journey, weighed myself daily, and went to monthly support groups for the first year. However like you, I NEVER lost my appetite and never felt alot of restriction. That was very discouraging especially after having 2 weightloss surgeries and being told that the ghrelin in my stomach was being removed with VSG and I would no longer be hungry. Also, I wasn't into "sweets" before the surgery but after having the surgery, I started craving sweets all the time. I've heard others in support group mention this happened to them too.

I went to the doctor for an upper GI to see what the problem was and he said that the area where my lap band had been, left an indention. This was causing my food to stay at the top portion of my stomach and caused it to stretch. He said my stomach would need to be trimmed in that area. Since then I've gained a little over 20 lbs!!  And just my luck, now my insurance company has completely eliminated any type of weightloss surgery from being covered.

So to sum it all up, I would like to say that for people that have trouble staying on a diet and that eat alot of carbs need both parts of the VSG. The other one being the rerouting of the intestines to decrease the absorbtion of the foods along with the restrictive part. This way all ends are covered. Also, some doctors do not go as small as other doctors on the sleeve. There are different sized bougies as I've read. You may consider going to another doctor for a second opinion and to have your sleeve checked. See what the doctor recommends. You may not need to be "resleeved" but only have it "trimmed" a little which may not cost as much. 

I'm now in the process of going to the doctor to see what my options are and what my out of pocket costs will be to get this fixed. I have an upper GI scheduled today.

Good luck and I will let you know how it goes if I get mine trimmed soon~ :)

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on 2/11/11 9:45 am
 Just to be clear the rerouting of the intestines part + a sleeve is called a Duodenal Switch.  
on 4/10/11 12:18 am - Detroit, MI
Thank you guys for this post. I have been beating myself up constantly because I have not lost weight in about 1 year. I have stopped exercising and give in to cravings a lot. I have even gained about 13 lbs. over the winter. I am ashamed to go back to my surgeon for a check up as last time I was scolded pretty good about eating wrong. It seems like I have no willpower. I can easily eat a normal sized amount of food. I may eat slightly less than pre op, but I am disappointed in myself most of all. All my medical issues have been reversed which is very good. Maybe I will meet with my surgeon to have things checked out.
on 1/1/16 11:37 pm

I was sleeved in 2012 I weighed 297 lbs, after 3 yrs I only lost 101 lbs and in the past yr I have gained 55 lbs back and I dont eat the perfect foods but I dont eat hamburgers, fries or do carbonation. Although I do eat sweets like ice cream and I have this obsession for crunchy things so I do eat alot of cheese nips. I am trying to figure out what I need to fo, I would love to be done to 196 lbs even though I never really lost all my lower stomach it still looked like I was really fat, not really sagging skin, I never experienced that except on my face.... would like some advise, I feel like a failure, do not want to go back to the same dr I used.

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