Turned into a Bulimic for a year after VSG. Have I Damaged Myself?

on 10/25/11 12:24 pm
I know that I need to see a professional for a medical evaluation.  After being a practicing bulimic for a year starting about six months after my VSG, I am wondering if I am at risk for the same ills that non-surgery bulimics suffer from since the food that I regurgitate never entered a proper intact stomach?
     I do not need to be admonished. I no longer throw up after a year of therapy and am eager to resume my weight loss.  Thank you for your input.
Doris Cervenka
on 10/26/11 2:01 am - Ganado, TX
I don't think people  start trying to become Bulimic after Weight loss surgery.  In the old days.  I could not make my self throw up if I wanted too.  But, Since surgery.   I think it starts out as relief.  One bite or two bites  of food and I was sick.   The only that make feel better is to throw up sometimes..  What,s crazy is I never once really  over ate.  I only threw up when something felt stuck or just would not go down after a while and would just sick their.  I still have problems keeping  alot of foods down.  and it was not something I do all the time.  Maybe once or twice a week. So does that make Bulomic too.  It been five months since my surgery.  I don't want to damage my stomach.
on 11/13/11 7:38 am
VSG on 09/26/11 with
Hi Doris,
I think you need to talk to your surgeon about what is going on.  You haven't mentioned your surgery type that I see, but food not going down/getting stuck  and throwing up 1-2 times/wk at five months is a problem (but maybe more common of a problem if you have the band?), and your surgeon should know about it so he can help you with a solution.  You can damage your stomach, esophagus, mouth, and teeth from this.
5'9"  All weight lost post-op. Goal weight determined by body composition testing.
Amy Farrah Fowler
on 10/31/11 5:01 am
You actually have MORE risk than a non-surgery bulimic. You should have your doctor check you, and they may include endoscopy. 

I'm glad you are going to therapy for this, and once your doc makes sure things are OK, you can get back to healing.

on 11/13/11 7:34 am
VSG on 09/26/11 with
It is very good that you recognized your problem and have been in therapy.

The possible damage from the bulimia would not be less just because your stomach is smaller.  You are right that you should be medically evaluated so any problems can be dealt with earlier rather than later. 

Best wishes for your recovery!
5'9"  All weight lost post-op. Goal weight determined by body composition testing.
(deactivated member)
on 11/25/11 8:01 am
don't worry yourself too much about bad damage.  i was a bulimic for 20 years and my stomach wasn't damaged really bad after they looked at it endoscopically (an ulcer and erosion that was little red dots, no holes or anything). 

keep up the good work and good for you for getting  therapy.
(deactivated member)
on 4/17/12 3:11 am - Bay City, MI
My slipped band made me feel bulimic. Constant throwing up can cause esophegus cancer. See a Dr my friend.
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