Failed Sleeve, turning into Gastric Bypass

Carmen C.
on 12/31/11 1:24 am
RNY on 08/08/12
Hello Everyone..

I had a VSG about 3 years ago.. since then I lost 115 pounds.. and regained.. 45 pounds.. due to stress.. I have lost my father and husband father.. have had to have a hysterectomy and major events happen in my life.. I feel that I failed this surgery.. because I have haven't used the tool that it was given to me.. I knew starting around 315 pounds.. the VSG might help me loose it all.. but still have allot more to use..

Now with a hernia developed I was strongly encouraged to have the gastric bypass next August.. to fix the hernia and help the acids in my stomach, the acids in my stomach have now damaged my esophagus, and got ton to the point it's hard to eat. Now with this developing problems my daily eating and lift is "hell". I take allot of anti acids daily, and drink medicine to protect my damaging esophagus. There is nothing more the doctors can do but do a full RNY - insurance won't cover it til next August. I am starting my journey now and hopefully it will work out. I know I have got ton off track, and seems 5 pounds started, and look now I am at 45 pounds later.

I have tried weigh****chers, and HCG, and even the 5 day pouch test 3 times, and with no success, I have even tried journing.

I have started now counseling and dealing with underling issues and habits, and will start doing the liquid protein. I have to try, I know I have to  have this RNY for my acid and damage build up before it gets worse, but want to deal with my emotional eating. My life has turned upside down in 3 years, after surgery I lost my job, lost my home, moved 3,000 miles away for work.. etc.. I could go on..

So that is my journey.. now to prepare and get ready for my surgery next year...I have my physiology evaluation next week, and started my 6 month required diet supervised stuff.

August will be here sooner then you know it..

I posted on other forums and got really bad remarks.. I am hoping if I post in this one.. someone out other will understand..

on 1/2/12 10:47 am - Dracut, MA
VSG on 04/06/12 with
 I am sorry for all your difficulties. With all the stress you have had in your life as of late ....I think your gain could have been much worse.......I hope you have a socessful revision. Sometimes life gets in the way of our goals. The goals are still valid..they just take longer.    God Bless  
on 1/5/12 10:53 pm
DS on 06/05/12
 I'm sorry for everything you've had to go through!  

Just curious why a RNY and not a DS?  I wish you great success no matter which one you choose!
Well I used to have a link here, but you know how that goes...
S. Williamson
on 1/13/12 10:39 am - Rockingham, NC
 Hi Carmen!

You show great courage, endurance and determination. "August will be her sooner than you know it." You have taken account of life and are addressing your personal issues with counseling and having a physiological evaluation. I think you are a very couragous woman who will no doubt be successful in the end.

Hang in there. I believe in you and our journey.
on 1/25/12 6:37 am
I think gaining 45 pounds in thre years is not bad AT ALL.  You need to give yourself more credit!  I am sorry about all your acid issues. :(
on 1/27/12 10:20 pm - Brookfield, IL
VSG on 04/16/12
I am so sorry for your loss. Losing a parent is difficult. I just lost my mom 2 months ago. I gained 20 lbs the month before she died.

I am just starting my weight loss journey. I saw the surgeon this week and he strongly encouraged me to have the sleeve. He told me the great thing about the sleeve is some people can later have additional surgery down the road if they need to.

When he said that I thought, ok, i am not interested in more than one surgery. But hey, you know what, thank God it's an option, right?

Please dont beat yourself up. Losing all that weight the first time was a beginning, now the next part of your journey is to begin. Good luck and blessings, Sharon
LaToya S.
on 6/11/12 11:45 am - Edwardsville, IL
That is why I had the sleeve... I have lost 120 pounds and now I want to the bypass to get the next 120 off. I KNEW I would need a 2nd option and that is why I went with the sleeve.


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on 7/1/12 7:29 am
On June 11, 2012 at 6:45 PM Pacific Time, LaToya S. wrote:
That is why I had the sleeve... I have lost 120 pounds and now I want to the bypass to get the next 120 off. I KNEW I would need a 2nd option and that is why I went with the sleeve.

If I'm understanding this correctly, you had your vsg this past November??  How do you know you won't lose the rest if you give it some more time?

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