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on 5/11/12 12:38 pm - NY
I had the Lap Band last June 28th.  I was a 'light weight' at 220, but had numerous health issues.  It's now almost a year later, and I have only lost 15 lbs.  I have my band so tight, I can't eat any breads/oat meal etc.  I also can't eat salad or leafy veggies because they also block me.  I have only lost weight because of all the exercise I have been doing; before that I barely lost a couple of pounds.  I am wondering about revising to a sleeve, but my surgeon said that I wouldnt qualify for it because I've lost that weight.  Did anyone else have to go through the whole approval process to be approved for a revision?  I'm still overweight, high blood pressure, pre diabetic, etc..  I'm not sure what I should do..

Thanks for any help
Terry Cieniewicz
on 6/3/12 9:50 am - Martinez, GA
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I have had similar problems with my band.  I can't eat the healthy food either because they get stuck.  I throw up 1-2 time a day.  I have lost no weight (have not gained either).  If the weight is the only thing holding  you back from the revision gain it back.  Trust me, milk shakes will go down just fine.  That is what I resort to when I have had enough with the pain and aggrevation.

If he still says no find another doctor.

Terry Cieniewicz
on 6/3/12 9:55 am - Martinez, GA
REALIZE Band on 02/04/09 with
I'm sorry if that came out crass.  I am just frustrated with my band too.  You are not alone.  I have read several  posts from people with the band and most of them have had no success.  My doctor, in a round about way, tried to talk me out of the band but insurance was not covering the sleeve at that time and that is what I really wanted.

I am a nurse and I get so frustrated when people do not tell their doctors what they want and need.  People forget that they pay for the doctor's service.  You need to get what you pay for.  Most doctors either want to give you what you want and need or they believe you are stupid and need to be guided by them.   Run from the second one.  Find one that you can talk to and feel comfortable telling what you want.  BUT...you need to listen to his opinions too.  He does have more experience with what you are asking of him.  You should never feel that control has been taken from you.

Lori F.
on 6/13/12 10:50 am - Chula Vista, CA
 Careful- I was denied for revision for two reasons: lack of mechanical failure of the band and lack of compliance. I CANNOT eat protein so I CANNOT be compliant. But they don't care... intentionally gaining weight may backfire...
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on 6/14/12 7:31 am - West Monroe, LA
Your band is too tight, you need to have some fluid removed.  It is not healthy to not be able to eat.  You should be able to eat a small packet of oatmeal.  I can eat salad.  You should be able to eat most any kind of food slowly and with small tiny bites.  You are not able to maintain a healthy diet so your body is refusing to let go of the weight. 

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Nic M
on 6/16/12 1:40 am
It's very, very dangerous to have the band so tight. It WILL cause problems eventually. Please consider getting the band unfilled so you can eat a more balanced diet.  Chances are you'll start losing weight again if you can eat protein while working out.

Good luck.


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on 8/27/12 8:17 pm - KS
DS on 01/24/13 with

I;ve had my lapband for 5.5 years now. I've lost a whopping 16 lbs. I started at 232 and now sit at 216...but with being totally unfilled I am probably back up to 220. Ive had many fills and unfills. Back in 2007 my first doc couldnt understand why I would be back in 3 weeks....meaning my period would be coming and the restriction would be so great I would gurgle on water. And I did follow the rules....I was unfilled for an entire year....I could eat anything but I really did watch what I ate...but I was just happy being able to eat. I am now in the process of revision to DS. My insurance will cover the sleeve but I need to call tomorrow to check if DS is covered. If it is that will be the way I am going. I have high triglycerides and my doc wants me to get revised. She looked at me after my last unfill 2 weeks ago and she said:I think you've had enough...5 and a half years of this.....we need to look into another route for you. I dont know how long this process will be but I will look for you on here and keep you updated. Please let me know if you find anything out! Good luck to you;)



on 10/18/12 4:17 am - DE
Hi. I am new to the site.  I am currently in the process of getting my clearances to have my lap band removed and revised to gastric sleeve.  I had my lap band in 2007.  It worked for a while, but then I began vomiting, sliming, and having food obstruction.  For some reason people don't realize there is a difference between restriction and obstruction.  It's hard to get your protein in when protein won't go down.

I am a little nervous, but I'm thrilled to be starting the clearance process over.  I do have to have the cardiac, pulminary, life skills, nutrition and psch. clearances, but only 3 nutrition classes instead of 6. I will complete my them all on January 22nd, and hopefully be scheduled for surgery in February.
on 11/6/12 12:51 pm - Davison, MI

I had my band placed 2/25/09 and did as you and got it out on 9/4/12.  Fighting insurance to get the sleeve as they switched to a once in a Lifetime WLS

BAND REMOVED 9-4-12-fought insurance to get sleeve and won!  Sleeved 1/22/13!  At third goal, two years out and "normal"

on 12/11/12 3:09 am - DE

I am glad you were approved. I didn't have to fight approval. Because of my complications I was approved to revise to the sleeve. Keep me posted on your progress if you get sleeved before me.  I'm still a little nervous.

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