Has anyone had a stricture in RNY surgery?

on 9/14/09 12:32 pm
My daughter had RNY surgery 7 weeks ago.She has been in and out of the hospital for weeks,having trouble keeping food down.They found a blood clot at vein of spleen that was nicked and put her on blood thinners.She was feeling better and able to eat better and left hospital, but now today, can't keep anything down.She is going in for endoscopy and to fix possible stricture.Just wondering if others had this. This is very scary for the family.Can't wait until she is feeling better!
on 9/19/09 4:19 am - OH
Strictures are fairly common with RNY.  Fortunately, they are usually pretty easy to fix.  I hope she feels better soon.

on 9/21/09 10:31 am
Thank you, Kelly for your response.They did a barium swallow and no obstruction, but no endoscopy yet. I hope they do one bec now she is eating a little and keeping it down since on Coumadin for the clot, but only eating about l00 cals/day for weeks. Doc is acting like this is normal, I think.just concerned. Did you have RNY???Did you have strictures or are you a supporter???
Kim T.
on 9/29/09 6:12 am - Mesquite, TX

Barium swallows do not always show strictures.  I had three strictures the first year after my surgery, and they weren't seen until the endoscopy.  Does she still have her gallbladder?

-Kim T

on 10/1/09 1:54 pm
She does still have her gallbladder and finally has an endoscopy scheduled for tomorrow. How are you doing and feeling, Kim?You look great!!!
Kim T.
on 10/1/09 11:26 pm - Mesquite, TX
Thank you for the compliment.  I ended up having to have my gallbladder taken out.  I had such bad nausea.  After they stretched my esophagus the third time, I didn't get any more strictures.  It doesn't sound like it is her gallbladder though.  Once my strictures were fixed, I didn't feel full after a tiny bite, I was just still nauseous.  I am having a problem with malnutrition.  I am in a small percent of people that didn't have good results with the surgery.  My body just didn't handle it well, but I am going to a new doctor now.  Hopefully things will get better soon.  I hope that the EGD fixes her problem.  I know she must be miserable.

on 10/1/09 1:58 pm
Kim, did you have trouble eating a lot? My daughter always feels full, like can't get down more than l T or so of food. Did you have trouble keeping things down?  Thx in advance for your answers.
Best of good health and happiness to you, Madi
Kim T.
on 10/1/09 11:22 pm - Mesquite, TX

I did have a lot of trouble eating.  I got to the point that that I couldn't even drink water.  Nothing stayed down.  I threw up everything that went in.  I hope that her EGD went well today.

(deactivated member)
on 12/23/09 2:06 am - Ventura, CA
I had my RNY surgery on 16 November09.  I am having a problem with strictures, too.  I had an EGD with dilatation last week and another one this morning.  Now they are talking about putting in a stent to hold the stoma open or just doing EGDs every couple of weeks until the body finally gives in.  Not sure what will happen yet.  The gastroenterologist and my surgeon have to pow wow and see what they think might work for me.  I see the surgeon again next week.

on 12/25/09 12:45 pm
Good luck to you,honey. You'll be fine, just try and relax.This is a tough surgery. My daughter is a lot better now, 5 months after surgery. Hang in there.
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