What kind of doctor gives pain meds?

on 9/21/08 11:42 pm - Hot Springs, AR
I need something stronger.  I am hurting so badly.  I don't know who to go to.  Who gives you your meds???  My rheumatologist won't give anything stronger.  I take hydrocodone.  Some of you have said pain clinics don't help much....Please give me some ideas!  I feel miserable....

on 9/23/08 9:03 pm
I go to a pain clinic, which is not really any help. I mean they RX my pain meds which is now darvocet and oxycodone. I would probably get better pain support from the darn drug dealer on the corner. At least when you give them your money they actually want to help you! LOL......or at least I have heard they do........
I called my pain specialist yesterday trying to explain to her my lyrica was NOT working and I could not get the darn words to come out of my mouth! So in the end I got the speech "if your taking your medication wrong or more then recommended we will discontinue you as a patient then you will have no help" I was like WTH just happened. How can I take it more then perscribed if they will not PRESCRIBE IT!! So I told her off and hung up, hopefully I still have a doc....LOL.....Don't you hate these days!
AphY Girl
on 9/24/08 1:24 am
Docs don't do **** for Fibromyalgia!!!  I sit and cry at my desk around 2pm every day because how bad I am hurting.  The pain patch works on the constant nagging pain - but the flare ups from stress, or being on my feet too long or working too much... they don't touch.

I am just saddend to know that no one cares how much pain we are in and we are supposed to just deal with it.... I can't afford to go to water therapy so I joined the Y and I go there 3 to 4 times a week.  I really TRY to get my muscles moving so they don't get so stiff I can't roll out of bed.  It is just so unfair!

I am starting a journal of each day and how I am feeling and what may have caused my flare up and what I did to try to releave it... maybe if the doctor sees it in back and white they will be more prone to help out. 
deb C.
on 9/27/08 11:46 am - Lake of the Ozarks, MO

I get my Vicodin thru my primary care physician.  He is evidently very understanding about FMS.  It doesn't really help with the pain, but it makes me feel better.

As to you question about working and disability.  I think if you can show that you have missed a lot of work, or been repeatedly fired from jobs for missing work  you can sork up until your hearing.  It is also important not to make over $800 per month.  Also, if your work has made special concessions for you disability it helps.  Like giving you a reduced work load.  Or shorter hours.



on 9/27/08 12:22 pm - Hot Springs, AR
Thanks for that information.  I guess I will have to wait until I am totally not able to work.  I do have disability through my school district though that I should check out....Thanks for writing....

on 9/29/08 11:28 am - McRae, AR
VSG on 12/08/08 with
Hi there girl!  I sometimes take a flexiril to help me relax (had some from when I hurt my back).  Have you tried stretching in a pool?  I know that we have a community pool and just getting in it and walking helps my muscles melt.   It has a warm therapy pool in it, which is great also! Also--go get a massage....you are not that far from Hot Springs and I know they are some great places there.  Treat yourself to Arlington and get a hot bath and massage this weekend!  60 bucks plus gas.. not as much as some scripts.  There are some schools there too that do it cheaper if you google it.

I am off zoloft and on welbutrin for pain at the moment.  I think I will have to up my dose, but it makes me feel great until about 11 am and then I get the fibro pains back in my shoulders. 

Oh--I remember talking to insurance people at school that you had to work 10 years and contribute to get full disability benefits.  Don't know if you are there yet, but this is my 9th year, so I am just hoping that after VSG it helps, if not, then I guess that is an option, but I hate to think that I will go on disability. 

Hope you feel better soon.

         I will be happy with thighs that don't touch!

on 10/11/08 4:34 am
I have a great pcp who does more for me for the firbro than my rheumatologist. I have fired my rheumatologist and now have a new appointment with a new one on the 24th. We will see how that goes. My pcp is up on the latest meds and we are not trying Opana ER. It has helped although I think my does will definitely have to go up. He started me at a low dose to see if I would tolerate it. I also take Zanaflex a muscle relaxer at night but I have severe insomnia so I take meds to sleep also which have stopped working. My pcp feels if we can get my pain under control I might actually sleep. I honestly do not what I would do without my pcp. For years before I found him I was told that I was fine and was given darvocet. Darvocet is the same as a baby aspirin in my system. I tried the fentanyl patches but I would start vomiting 4 hours after I put them on so I couldn't tolerate them. I do hope you can find someone who understands how painful fibro is and how it can cripple you in your life. I will pray for you that the right doc will come along.
on 10/11/08 9:08 am - Hot Springs, AR
Thanks so much to everyone who wrote!   I did find a new doctor who specializes in fibromyalgia.  He told me that narcotics actually make fibro worse and is taking me off the hydrocodone.  He has me taking neurontin and using lidocaine patches.  He gave me some trigger point injections of lidocaine too.  He is going to give me one of the ADD drugs to help with fatique and spaciness.  I will let you know how it goes!  Thanks for your thoughts and prayers!  You have mine as well!

on 11/30/08 7:13 am
I see a neurologist and he gives me vicodin and robaxin...I have tried all the oxycodone, hydrocodone they are all the same..I am now on vicoprofin...like taking baby aspirin. I am on disability and I feel for anyone who has to work through their pain..I dont think I could do it..I have nerve damage, buldging and herniated disk in neck and lower back plus fibromyalgia.I worked 26 years and I have been lucky to get my retirement and SS. so I do ok..to get disability you have to stop working and I was lucky there my husband has a good job..I wish I could get rid of my pain and work again..I am not meant to be a stay at home wife..I love working..take care and God bless...

on 11/30/08 7:34 am - Hot Springs, AR
Oh....it sounds like you really have a lot of pain.  That really stinks....I know it is hard not to work...I think I would be bored to death if I ever have to quit...I hope you improve and have a happy holiday season!  Thanks for writing!

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