Flexeril days before surgery?

on 2/5/12 6:16 am
Hi, I have chronic back spasms and not being in NSAIDS is causing severe pain. I forgot to tell my doctor that I occ. take flexeril if the spasms get real bad. Does anyone know if the flexeril will interfere with the surgery or the anesthesia? Or are you on it and did they tell you to stop if before surgery?
on 2/5/12 8:42 am - Vancouver, WA
I think you should probably call either your doc or pharmasist and see if it would cause a problem. I know they don't want you taking aspirin and herbal things that can thin your blood but I don't know if Flexeril is in that category. Good luck with your surgery!
on 2/5/12 9:19 am
 Thanks for the tip, I would have already done this if it was not Sunday : )  I was hoping someone else may have been on it, and their doctor told them to stop would answer
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