Shoulder pain and depression

on 8/1/12 2:34 pm
I have been dealing with out of control shoulder pain for two weeks. At first I thought it was just a flare, so I did all the things I know to make myself comfortable and try to get through it.
I finally had to call the Dr. because my jaw and right ear was hurting really bad.
It seems the shoulder (and now elbow and all the way down to the wrist) pain was so out of control I have been tensing and caused TMJ.
The Dr. put me on steroids(yuck) and said to go to my dentist for the TMJ.
Will if I don't have enough stress my dentist was just caught up in a drug bust. I have used this dentist for 25 years. So now I have to find a new dentist and try to go through all of my medical stuff with him.
I can feel my depression tightening up around me. My usual symptoms of sleeping too much, avoiding people and avoiding my chores are popping back in.It is so hard to explain to normal people how sick I am of being in soo much pain. That it just zaps all of my energy hurting all the time.And not just being such a Debbie Downer that everyone avoids. Some days I really think if I could put a cast on the part of me that hurts, others would be more aware and understanding. I will be honest I am not sure if It is them that doesn't understand or me. I have a real problem with the " How can I be sick when I look fine/"
Thanks for letting me vent. It really helps to know that you can all understand how I can think these thoughts and have these feelings.
I all ready feel ready to start tackling this up hill battle!

Missy A.
on 8/2/12 11:59 am - NC
RNY on 08/17/12 with
Just so you know, I understand exactly how you feel with pain and depression. I get it frequently. I'm sorry you are going through this. Take care of yourself!



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on 8/27/12 3:44 pm - Vancouver, WA
I see you have a lap band, they can cause back and shoulder pain because they irritate the vagas nerve near the stomach, another thing they don't tell us about the band! Are you on any pain meds for your fibro? There are several that are fairly effective with the pain, lyrica, cymbalta and savella. I use cymblta and it works pretty well for me. It would also help for you to see a pain specialist, they tend to have a better understanding of fibro pain. There is no reason for you to suffer and be so miserable, there are treatments for fibro. We all tend to need a different form of treatment, it's not a one size fits all disease.
on 8/29/12 7:36 pm
My shoulder pain ended up being a small tear in my rotator cuff. After a dose of steroids and some rest it is finally better. Thanks to everyone for the concern and thoughts. Fibro definately is not a one size fits all disease.
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