looking for a texting pen pal....

on 6/25/09 6:35 pm - CALGARY, Canada

hi im a contract rn... i do contracts all over the us...but mainly / mostly the north east.... id love a texting pal i have unlimited texting power and would appreciate support.... life can be real tough... i have no probs sharing my cell number


on 7/7/09 12:50 am - Canada
I would love to be your texting pal. I'm a stay at home mom of a 2 year old. Will support you any way I can.. message me.
Liz R.
on 7/10/09 11:02 am - Belleville, Canada
Hi there, IM in Ontario and am a 30 year old mom, wife and PSW (health care aide).  Im doing my prehealths as I plan on entering the RN program in a couple of years.  I am still preop but would love to buddy with you if interested!
Lissa Strombelline
on 7/28/09 1:08 pm - PA
Anyone on this thread that wants to text me, go right ahead!!
I had my RNY on Feb. 17, 2009.

My number is: 814 823 7712

I can text Unlimited to U.S. and Canada!!!!
Text Me: 814 806 7861

on 12/27/09 12:03 pm - Lucedale, MS
I would love to have some text messaging buddies. I am 42 years old and going to my 1st appointment in 2 weeks.  I am a nurse and kive in MS, Heres my cell #  251-767-9699 if anyone  would like to be buddies. I need all the support I can get.
Lissa Strombelline
on 4/1/10 11:57 am - PA
Hey!  love to haev new texting friends:

814 823 7712
Text Me: 814 806 7861

Lissa Strombelline
on 7/8/10 1:43 am - PA
Or add me to your Facebook
Text Me: 814 806 7861

on 12/15/10 10:16 am - ithaca, NY
hi i would love to be your unlimited pen pal been looking for someone to text just got new phone... and looking for new people to text..... i also have unlimited..... i would support u in any way u would like...... i have no problems sharing my cell.....