Exercise for super morbidly obese

on 1/18/11 6:20 am
Hi I was wondering if anyone knew of some exercises I could do. I am considered super morbidly obese and have lymphedema along with a few other health issues. I can't stand or walk for very long or far. Is there any exercises that I could do while sitting or laying in the bed to give me a head start and get at least some weight off? Also does anyone know where I could get a tape measure made for body measurements that's extra long? Oh and I also do not have access to a pool either.
crystal M.
on 1/18/11 10:01 am - Joliet, IL

My only advice is something I did when I was super morbidly obese.  You need cardio and the best cardio is cardio that doesn't put any undue stress on your joints or back.  I did the stationary bike (or the recumbent bike).  I had no problems with pain in my joints and back. 
on 1/18/11 11:58 am - Gig Harbor, WA
Can you ask for a referral to a physical therapist? Do you qualify for home health care; are you housebound? The Physical Therapist can give you a routine to do. You can use exercise bands for toning and strenghtening your limbs. There are sit and fit videos/DVD's you could do.
You can glue two measuring tapes together or use yarn to measure then check length on a measuring tape.
Good Luck!
Rob S.
on 1/19/11 2:38 am - DE
My favorite exercise when i was super morbidly obese was to do squats with a swiss ball wedged against a wall.  Try and do 10 repititions then walk and return and do another set.  The important thing was to keep moving for 20-30 minutes. 

Any exercises you can do for the shoulder are also great, since after surgery we tend to lose strength in our shoulders rapidly.  Good luck and stay positive.

(deactivated member)
on 1/20/11 5:17 pm

Sorry, but i don't think by doing any light exercises by lying and sitting you can loose your super morbidly obese, and you are suffering lymphedema which doesn't allow you to do long term exercises. My point of view you should take some good natural weightloos supplements by consulting with a physicians or doctor. Take early steps for this.
on 1/22/11 8:17 am - antioch, TN
Hi there,
Girl I feel you. I was 529 and practically immobile. This is what I recommend. What you need is to just get your heart rate up. being immobile as I was, anything can get the heart rate up. That's great news in a sense because you can sit on your couch and exercise by using your arms, abs, back and core. how? dancing! I love to dance. I actually do zumba 5-6 days a week. However, I was watching my instructor videos on youtube and noticed as I was doing the moves sitting down (lifting my legs even just a little) I started to get warm and my breathing was getting a little hard as well. That gave me an idea. If you find a dance video, zumba video or even I'll give you the link to my instructors videos (she only taped like 2-3 songs) then you can do it a few times while sitting on the couch and get a really good workout.
Also, have you tried shadow boxing? basically sit on the end of your bed or couch, close your eyes and imagine yourself boxing. try this for awhile.
What I did at the beginning was walking. My back hurt SOO bad after 5 minutes it was so debilitating. But I had to start somewhere. I know it seems not a lot but if you can, try walking 5 minutes. that's it. 5 minutes. maybe after 4-5 days, try walking 10. like I said, it might not seem a lot but you have to build those back muscles.
Here is that link I mentioned before. I hope it helps:
http://www.bfabfitness.com/ and go to videos. Doing these moves while sitting will help. Like i said, all you need to do is get your heart rate up. Good luck my friend.

See my journey on Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/peterrabbit31
on 6/25/15 1:17 pm

My knees are bone on bone and I have the same challenge. What I have found is Jodi Stolov's chair aerobics has several DVD's available. All exercises are done from a seated position. I hope this helps



(deactivated member)
on 1/28/11 1:12 pm
Hi mfgdeux,

I have agreed with you dancing is a good exercise, it's like a aerobic exercise and by doing this my sister got benefit within 3 to 5 weeeks and loose her weight to some good level.
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