made it through the first night of spin class!!

on 2/22/12 12:51 am
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The new session started this week at the YMCA. I'm just over one year out and my weight has been stalled for a few months now.    :(

I decided I REALLY need to bump up my workout intensities, so I signed up for a 45 minute spin class. Boy, was it a workout!!! I've never done it before. I watched every second click by on the clock. But, I perservered and stuck with it! Granted, my speed and my resistance probably were slow & easy, but my goal for last night was to just make it through the class! I wasn't able to do all of the standing up that they did, but I made it through--that's all that matters to me at this point. The class made me realize that I'm totally not in the best of shape cardio-wise, which I pretty much already knew--it just reinforced the fact I need to work at it. (I don't mind doing weight training, but I've never been a big cardio person.) Anyways, I just wanted to share my excitement at surviving my first night of spin!

I know with each class I do that I'll become a little more cardio-healthy. That's my goal!
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on 2/22/12 1:24 am
Woot! Keep going, you'll get addicted fast! I love my 2x a week 6am Spin class!

Just keep pushing it every time, and before you know it you'll be doing everything.

Good luck,


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on 2/22/12 1:34 am - Granada Hills, CA
 I remember my first spin class not too long ago. I actually couldn't wait to stand up because I didn't want to spend another second on the seat. 

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Paul C.
on 2/22/12 2:29 am - Cumming, GA
 Congrats on sticking it out for the finish!

I was terrified of trying spin class and now I Typically do 3 1 hour classes and a 2 hour endurance class on Sunday.  With the right person leading the class time will fly.  Just work at your own level but be honest and if you think you can push a bit harder then push a bit harder.  Getting out of the saddle does take some getting used to and can be murder on the legs, but that is what we are there for a good solid workout.
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on 2/22/12 4:03 am - Collierville, TN
 Thanks for sharing.  I am a bit intimidated by the spin classes.  Maybe next week I will be brave and give it a try!!!

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on 2/22/12 7:00 am - Fort Worth, TX
Congrats on knockin out your first Spin Class! Keep going back, its a wonderful workout....
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on 2/22/12 8:50 am - Royal Oak, MI
I love my spin class. Our instructor rocks, too. Which makes that hour worth it. 

Keep going back!

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