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Question for guys who have successfully bulked up after RNY

on 4/9/12 8:51 am
What does your lifting routine look like? Were you able to keep fat gain to a minimum? How much cardio did your routine involve??  

I'm AWAKE and I'm ALIVE! 
on 4/9/12 10:55 am - Lebanon, OH
Day 1 legs and back , day 2 chest shoulders , day 3 arms. The key to bulk is to listen to your body and REST when needed. It took me way too long to figure that out. I no longer plan rest days i just take them when i need them. I have put on 50 pounds with almost no fat gain. 180 to 230 going from 30in pants to 32 and large shirt to xl.

Start ea day with your compund movemants as heavy as possible for low reps and move into high reps on your isolations. For example on leg day i start with squats and presses and move to ext's and curls last. Start with deadlifts for back and move to rows and pull downs.

Fir the diet i suggest extremly high protein and fat with a moderate amount of good carbs.

My best guess is i get around 400g protein 150g of fat and 150g of carb ea day but quit tracking along time ago.
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on 4/9/12 11:14 am
 So you just work out everyday unless you are feeling tired? What lifts do you do for your muscles?? I'm trying to put together a routine... Do you do cardio?? 

I'm AWAKE and I'm ALIVE! 
on 4/9/12 6:08 pm - Lebanon, OH
I usually cant get past 2 or 3 workouts b4 I have to take a day or 2 off.
Legs - squats,leg press,standing calf raise,seated calf raise,lying leg curls,standing leg curls,leg extensions
Back- deadlift,standing rows,low rows,lat pull downs
chest- benchpress,incline bench,flies,verticle press,dumbell press, dumbell incline press
shoulders - military press,shrugs,front raise,side raise,cable cross overs,shoulder rows
tri's - close grip bench,dips,cable extensions,skull crushers
bi's - preecher curls,dumbell curls,hammer curls

I use my lifting for cardio as well. After my heavy compound moves I go to higher reps and alternate body parts with no rest. For example on my leg /back day I will move from leg ext's straight to lat pull downs and right bac****ep my heart rate very high for at least 30-40 mins doing that. I'm not one of the guys you see doing a set and resting for 5 minutes.
    No longer about weight , it's all about living.            
on 4/10/12 5:43 am
 Why do you go to higher reps? I was always under the impression the lower the reps + more weight = bigger gains.

Also what does a day of meals look like for you?

I'm AWAKE and I'm ALIVE! 
on 4/10/12 11:02 am - Lebanon, OH
I start with the compound moves at high weight and low reps squat, leg press, bench, deadlifts, military press and then move to the iso's at higher reps to get the best of both for the strength and the cardio aspect. Thats what has worked best for me.

I eat when im hungry but a somewhat typical day would be as follows.

1- protein shake
2- 2 or 3 quest bars
3- 2 or 3 quest bars
4- cottage cheese and pretzels
5- pre workout protein shake
6- post workout protein shake
7- meatloaf and oats
8- 3 or 4 handfulls of nuts and maybe a quest bar
    No longer about weight , it's all about living.            
on 4/10/12 11:19 am
 Wow that doesn't seem like a ton of calories. Do you know roughly how many calories you get in? How long have you been bulking? 

I'm AWAKE and I'm ALIVE! 
on 4/10/12 11:56 am - Lebanon, OH
I dont count cals but ea shake is 75g of protein so thats roughly 300 cals and the quest bars are 200 cals ea. with 3 shakes and 6 bars thats 2100 cals and 325g of protein. A tub of cottage cheese is 400 cals and 48g of protein. A handfull of nuts is 200 cals x 3 or 4. With the meatloaf and oats im pushing 4000 a day roughly.
I have been trying to bulk for about 18 months.
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on 4/10/12 12:42 pm
 Whoa you eat a whole tub of cottage cheese at once??? 

What protien do you use?

I'm AWAKE and I'm ALIVE! 
on 4/10/12 1:52 pm - Lebanon, OH
Yep the whole thing. Isopure
    No longer about weight , it's all about living.            
on 4/9/12 10:39 pm - Northern, CA
Had a sleeve. But I went on a super-strengthening program about 2 years out from surgery. Doing function fitness -- Crossfit type exercises -- 4-5x a week -- mixed in with sprints and other running drills (as the end-game was to improve running).

I gained a lot of muscle for a woman and without even trying. I gained about 5 pounds and most of it seemed to be muscle.

We did a lot of work with deadllifts, overhead presses and kettlebells but also some more  standard Crossfit exercises thrown in.

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