Strength training & toning

on 4/10/12 9:32 pm - Fargo, ND
RNY on 02/22/12
Needing to start doing some strength training & toning & so very lost as what I need to do or focus on. Anyone with tips or routines that have worked for you, I'm all ears for suggestions.

  Highest weight : 315 lbs, Surgery weight: 298.5 lbs, Current weight: 183.5 lbs





m53 r
on 4/15/12 9:26 am
andrew m got me hooked on this site:
it has been very helpful because he has videos to show proper form and step-bystep instructions for everyone from beginner to pro. good luck
on 4/15/12 10:28 am - FL
Will you be working at home, at the gym or the Y? You can do something different at each place. If you can see a personal trainer for a visit or 2, or if you go to the gym or Y where someone can introduce you to the equipment, that would be great.
Home you can use gallon jugs for weights, dance while sweeping, do situps holding water bottles, pushups (vertical on the wall, etc). Ideally, eventually you will get somewhere with "real" gym equipment
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