Did a 3.2mi run for the heck of it!

Chris "Thick-to-Fit" T.
on 5/2/17 5:11 am - FL
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So, I have posted a few things about my running journey. My wife got me the apple watch series2 for our anniversary last week (I would NOT shut up about how much I want one for weeks now lol). I really wanted to be able to run without holding my phone or strapping to my arm or anything, while still playing music and tracking via GPS. I'm not huge into logging splits or needing all the fancy metrics a Garmin running watch will provide (yet), so am super happy! Anyway, we went out of town the next day for my sisters college graduation and havent had a chance to use my watch (I could have run there, but I didnt :\)

Anyway, I took my preworkout before I left work and raced home on my motorcycle to beat the looming rainstorm. Changed, fought with my watch/headphones to pair and literally as I was walking to the front door it started to dump BUCKETS! :( :( :(

Wife got home shortly after with our car so I hopped in and went to the gym. I was just going to lift since I dont much enjoy the treadmill, but I REALLY wanted to run and I REALLY wanted to use my watch. So, I hopped on the treadmill and ran.

I knocked out my first mile SUPER easy. No discomfort on my knees. Was not winded. Felt like I was getting into my groove! I told myself 2 miles then since it felt so good. I got around 1.75mi, STILL felt great (for the most part). Was starting to get tired, and starting to adjust the speed down to control HR and then back up to be in my comfortable speed spot. I got to 2.5 and told myself no... you're tired. You're uncomfortable. But you're not done. Said to myself: sorry bud, you're doing a 5k today. lol so, I did a 5k! I Couldnt remember if it was 3.1 or 3.2 so I went to 3.2... I didnt stop ONCE. Well, I did.. I was trying to send a picture to my wife of the treadmill menu while I was running and I somehow completely stopped it and it turned off and had to reset it. So, whatever it took to press quick start and get it back to speed at 5.8. My knees are tired today, but I was so damn proud of myself!

This is from my watch :)

My wife took some photos for my sisters graduation but has only posted this one so far. Isnt my sis beautiful? This is me and my siblings (sans a brother and sister), but love how skinny I am!

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Way to goð?'??

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