Weekly Workout - August 7-13, 2017

on 8/6/17 4:47 pm - PA
VSG on 08/23/16

Hoping everyone had a great week last week. Let's gear up for this next week. I'll get this started.

Monday - Fencing 2 hours - and remember first thing in the morning to sign up for next sessions TRX class at the Y.

Tuesday - TRX 1 hour

Wednesday - Fencing - 2 hours

Thursday - Yoga/Pilates - something that is stretching based - likely a video

Friday - Strength training - Core/legs

Saturday - Strength training - arms/chest and agility work for legs

Sunday - God rests and so do I.

Hope you all have a great week and good weather to do whatever you're doing.

Keep on losing!


HW 271.5 (April 2016) SW 246.9 (8/23/16) CW 158 (5/2/18)

on 8/6/17 6:52 pm - Canada

Monday- 60 minute run and if weather is good 60 minute open water swim

Tue-20 minutes s/f 60 minute swim

Wed hoping to do a 2k open swim if not 60 minute pool swim, 60 bike ride with drills

Thursday- 60 minutes run with 5 hills in there

Friday s/f 30 minutes

Saturday 160 minute bike ride 10 minute run right after the bike

Sunday easy 70 minute ride

on 8/6/17 9:44 pm

I don't know what the future week holds for me. I'll share the past two days and what I think the week may be like. Yesterday I walked on the treadmill...At least 1.2 miles. I also lifted some weights. I also watered at the rental. I'll be on the treadmill (gym) for most of the week...Also do some weights. Today I rode my bike around one of my normal paths. It felt really good...I've lost a few pounds so the ride was easier. But I am also getting older (turn 62 next month). I haven't ridden hardly at all over the last two months. The smog has been bad (local fires). Fire season is still ahead for us here in California. Living in the Central Valley, we get use to the smog from the fires and almond harvest. We then adjust accordingly. I joined the gym from early July till October 31st. By then we usually get some rain to clean up the air. Below is a video of what the almond harvest looks like...And the dust it creates. Have a great week. Brian


on 8/7/17 3:30 pm - Canada

Thanks for the video was interesting to watch. Stay safe with the fires

Gwen M.
on 8/7/17 7:04 am
VSG on 03/13/14

Good morning! Last week of exercise before a six weeks of enforced hiatus due to surgery. Better make it count!

Monday - yoga at home
Tuesday - running, yoga stretching
Wednesday - pilates class, yoga class
Thursday - running, yoga stretching
Friday - pilates/yoga class, tai chi class
Saturday - running, yoga stretching
Sunday - yoga at home

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on 8/7/17 7:21 am - PA
VSG on 08/23/16

In other good news, hubby agreed to the next TRX session with me, even though he complained when he tested a class two weeks ago that "this is a b*tch!" Yes, it is!

Keep on losing!


HW 271.5 (April 2016) SW 246.9 (8/23/16) CW 158 (5/2/18)

on 8/10/17 9:10 pm

Thank you for your routing. It is looking really good.

on 8/11/17 10:38 am
RNY on 03/29/17 with

Jumping in late...

Monday: Run 3.75 miles (longest run EVER!!!)

Tuesday: Biked to work (14 miles round trip)

Wednesday: Swam 30 minutes walked/ran laps in pool 40 minutes

Thursday: Biked to work (had major power lag... maybe pool time took more out of me than I'd thought?)

Friday: rest day but using under desk elliptical for 30 minute increments

Saturday: 90 minute hike

Sunday 60 minute hike

5'4" 49yrs at surgery date

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