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on 9/18/17 9:25 am - Canada

Hi Everyone I am not sure if anyone is still interested in this thread or not. I a posting it but I have no idea what my work out will be this week. I just know a lot of walking and wed a swim I hope.

I did my first half ironman and it was tough on sunday. Hottest day ever. I don't think it got as hot as it was all summer. I had to walk the run part which upset me because I am a runner but could not get my legs. I came home with heat stroke. still can not eat but I finished it and yes i would do it again. Hope everyone has a happy week of training

on 9/18/17 9:31 am

Congrats on finishing. Sounds like a real suffer fest.

Taper begins today.

Monday-4 mile run

Tuesday-5 mile run

Wednesday-6 mile run

Thursday-6 mile run


Saturday-10 mile trail run

Sunday-5 mile trail run

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on 9/18/17 11:23 am - Canada

when is your race. tough one for me still trying to figure out what happen. i am thinking heat

on 9/18/17 11:29 am

Heat is super rough if you haven't trained for it. Can derail everything. My race is in two weeks.

VSG:  3/12/15

on 9/19/17 4:22 pm - Canada

Let me know how your race goes. Where I live we only had 8 hot days for the whole summer so no training and the race was an hour from where I live and now we get the heat. I am going to take this as a learning experience and move on and hope next year will be better. If it is than I move on to a full ironman and if not stay with the half

on 9/18/17 9:45 am
RNY on 03/29/17 with

OMG congratulations on finishing!!!

I haven't been getting my runs in lately :(

Monday- Bike commute (Just 6 miles each way now that I'm daring to ride on the city streets!) and weight circuit.

Tuesday- Swim laps AM walking in the evening

Wednesday - Bike Commute and weights

Thursday- Swim laps AM Walking at lunch

Friday - Run

Do you think it would hurt if I tacked a short run on my bike commute days before I lift? Like a 15 to 20 minute run?

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on 9/18/17 11:24 am - Canada

go for it you should be fine

on 9/19/17 8:52 am
RNY on 03/29/17 with

It was thundering while I was lifting weights last night, so I opted for one of the fancy elliptical machines that feels more like running. I spent 30 minutes at the top of (and a little over) my heart rate range, then walked for 15 minutes to cool down and did some slow stretching. this morning I'm totally feeling it!!! I'll walk at lunch but otherwise rest today.

I'm super thankful I started a weight lifting routine, but OMG am I weak!!! My upper body is pathetic!

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on 9/19/17 4:23 pm - Canada

enjoy the rest days and do the stretches it helps remember no one is weak. You are a strong female

on 9/20/17 8:18 am
RNY on 03/29/17 with

Yesterday I skipped the pool and laps, mostly because I am irrational in the early morning and when my alarm went off I rolled over, whimpered from my sore, post weight lifting muscles, and decided I "couldn't" swim. I did manage to take two brisk walking breaks at work...

Today I biked to work again, as scheduled, and I'm planning on biking directly to the rec center and lifting weights after work. After lifting I'm going to bike back home and take my sister's dog for a walk and run for an hour.

I'm totally feeling the weight lifting! Even though I'm doing zero "core" work, my abs and back muscles are sore so I must be engaging them while lifting.

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M1 - 20lb M2 - 9 lb M3 - 7 lb M4 - 7 lb M5 - 7 lb M6 - 6 lb M7 - 4 lb

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