What can I even do?

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Hello. New here. Turning 40 soon. BMI 90+, 650lbs. Need to do something or am going to die.

Two massive localized growths coming out of my thighs/knees prevent nearly all movement. Prisoner in my own house since last Easter when it became clear I'm too big to fit in a car. Don't yet have a doctor, need to find one, but no one makes house calls so until I can get in a car I'm kind of stuck figuring this out on my own.

Trying to eat better since start of year, but want to see if there's anything I can do physically to help get om the right path faster. Is there anyone who has figured out a workout plan for someone in my situation?

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VSG on 08/23/16

You need to speak with your physician about what would be safe for you to undertake and ask your doctor to provide a referral for a physical therapist that might be able to come to your home to help you start with a small movement program.

Keep on losing!


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on 2/26/18 11:49 am

Ok so there really is nothing then without finding a doctor first. Hard to do when I can't leave my home.

Kathy S.
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RNY on 08/29/04 with

Hello DWTDA40

Give this surgeon's office a call. They are the only surgeon we are aware of that help those at your BMI. He has a 1200 cal program he puts patients on. Before considering surgery.

Keep us posted on how you are doing. You may also want to post on the main forum and or a surgery type forum.


Younan Nowzaradan
Houston Obesity Surgery
Phone: 713-661-6262

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on 2/26/18 12:27 pm

Thanks, would they take my call even though I'm like... 2000 or so miles from Houston?

Kathy S.
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RNY on 08/29/04 with

He is the Dr on the TV show My 600 pound life. He takes calls on the show, video calls to help you get down to a weight that is safe for surgery. If you want surgery with him though you would have to go there. Check it out, you never know it's worth a try....


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on 2/26/18 1:22 pm

Oh ok, I see what you're saying now. Might be worth a call in to see what he could recommend. As for surgery or whatever, I'd rather use a doctor in my area, I still work for a living and can't really uproot my family and everything to move to Texas.

The major point of my original post was to see what, if anything, anyone else in my situation has done for exercise so I can see what I could even do to help get some of this off me since just fixing the eating is too slow a process at this level. The initial "goal" would be to get to the point being able to of leave my house again, and hopefully really get some help from there.

Everything you see out there for workout programs are for people who are already somewhat fit, so I figured/hoped this would be the place to get advice for figuring out where to start when you're starting from, well, the worst possible place to start from.

Kathy S.
on 2/26/18 1:40 pm - InTheBurbs, XX
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I had surgery back in 2004 because my PCP said I would be dead in 5 years. After all these years of keeping it off I can offer you a few suggestions. I would recommend seeing a doctor to find out where you are health wise. You don't want to do anything that would bring on other issues while you are trying to get healthy.

WATER is your friend! At your BMI it would be the safest way to exercise. Check with your doctor to see if they agree. If you have a Y near by join to swim/walk in the pool! Try eating around 1200 cals a day mainly protein, low carbs and no white stuff, sugar, flour. Again, check with your doctor first!

Heres the hard part, the tough love. YOU HAVE TO GET IT RIGHT BETWEEN THE EARS BEFORE YOU CAN BE SUCCESSFUL! It won't matter what you eat or not, if you move or not, diet, surgery or not until you id why you are eating. What triggers you reaching for food, stress, work, bad relationships? Once you id them then you can go about placing safe guards in place to stop you from eating and do other things.

Keep us posted on how you are doing

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on 2/26/18 1:57 pm

Yeah I have the water part down at least, I think anyway, 160+ oz of the stuff every day.

I'd kill to have a pool nearby that has stairs. I can swim for hours, but the only nearby pool has only ladders and I learned real fast a couple summers ago I can't lift myself out of the damn water. THAT was an embarrassing day.

1200 calories seems a bit extreme to start, but I guess it would certainly work if I could manage to not want to eat my cat from starving myself.

And yeah, I know I have to get it right in the head as well, because obviously something got me to this point, so it's not just "Oh gee I sure like the taste of Pizza." Traditional therapy hasn't really worked for me, but if I really sit down and think about it, it's stress that always throws me off my plan, so that must be the biggest trigger - juggling life - and as stuff gets thrown at me I put my health on the backburner instead of putting work or something else there. It's always ok well I'll eat this because it's quick tonight and get right back on the plan tomorrow, and then suddenly it's 2 weeks later. You know?

Kathy S.
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RNY on 08/29/04 with

When I started journaling that really helped me. I saw a pattern of my stressors and went out and got a punching bag and it did wonders for my stress

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