Finding my new normal

on 7/6/10 12:30 pm

I'm a week out of surgery and I'm feeling abnormal.  The abnormal feeling is coming from me not being able to eat and literally starving myself from within, but my body is able to maintain because of the stored fat.  I understand that not eating much is about 90% of the surgery so with this know fact, I'm trying to discover my "new normalcy"  I feel like I'm having a melt down, I just don't feel normal.  I went today to Appelbee's and had a cup of soup and a glass of water just to feel "Normal"  I mean the surgery has food restrictions, but I feel like because I'm not indulging in food and eating "normal sized portions" that I'm not normal.  If anyone out there has some encouraging words or has also experience this please contact me with some direction.  Thanks a bunch...


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on 7/7/10 10:05 am
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