Pouch retraining

on 9/6/09 7:44 pm - Hong Kong, China (Mainland)
Hi All

I'm thinking about retraining my pouch after not losing an ounce over 8 months. I still have plenty to lose, btw. I was wondering if anyone had any links to this, or advice on how to go about it and what to expect.

Thanks in advance.




on 9/8/09 7:36 pm - north port, FL
You might want to look up the 5 day pouch diet or test or something like that.  just put 5 day pouch in the search line here or can be googled and hopefully that will help you.
on 9/8/09 7:59 pm - Hong Kong, China (Mainland)
Thanks so much for your help.




on 9/13/09 8:34 am - Willingboro, NJ
You may want to have your doctor--primary or surgeon--schedule to scope your stomach.  I had my RNY on 11-14-2000 but was having tests done in the summer of 2004 when the doctor found that I had a staple line disruption.  It was as if the surgery had never taken place.  I got a revision RNY on 01-21-2005.
on 9/13/09 9:40 am - Hong Kong, China (Mainland)
Hi... Oh Wow. That's hard. My primary surgeon has said I should get a barium xray. But I need to save up some money for that first. I'm not even sure I want to know because I paid for this out of my own money and would really buckle if I had to rehave the surgery.




on 10/8/09 12:37 am
RNY on 03/08/04 with
Hi, how are you doing this far out from your revision surgery? What type revision did you have and from what type surgery initially? What were your symptoms that made you have the tests done that showed the staple line disruption - how did you know something was wrong, and what were the tests that showed the disruption? Thanks - sorry for all the questions. I'm in real trouble and need help. Maureen
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on 10/16/09 1:23 pm
The site is  http://www.5daypouchtest.com/index.html.  WORKS great and the recipes (especially the pumpkin sausage soup) are wonderful!
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