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Anybody with bypass try Nutrisystem?

on 2/13/10 12:22 am
I was wondering if anybody who had gastric bypass tried the Nutrisystem diet? It was the one thing that sometimes worked for me before the surgery, and I'm 10 pounds over my goal and can't seem to get it off.. I'm thinking of trying Nutrisystem for a month.. Any thoughts/experiences to share?
on 2/22/10 9:36 am - Walled Lake, MI
I had the sleeve surgery about a month ago and NS is some one the only "normal" foods that I can eat. The portions are perfect for someone that had surgery. My mom had RY about 4 years ago and does NS to keep the weight off. It works really well. :) Good luck!
on 2/22/10 10:05 am
Wow.. great to know. Thanks!