Indiana Medicaid

on 7/21/07 1:37 pm
Hello, Iam looking into surgery and am on Medicare with a partial Indiana Medicaid called QMB / MAL.  This pays the premiums, deductibles and co payments that Medicare doesnt cover.  I have never had a bill but all my care has been with in Indiana.  I have chosen the closest COE which is out of state.  Does anyone know how Indiana Medicaid will respond to an inquiry about this surgery from another state?  Thanks
on 7/22/07 9:18 pm
I would like to answer my own question after doing some research into the manuals for both Medicare and Medicaid.  First I would like to state Iam speaking of people who are on both Medicare and Indiana Medicaid QMB.  Being a Qualified Medicare Beneficiary (QMB) the federal laws requires that state HICP programs pay Medicare premiums, co-insurance and deductibles. Having said that, since Medicare is a national program having no bounderies of treatment areas, if I get sick or have treatment in another state from what I have read Medicaid is obligated to pick up those percentages that Medicare hasnt paid.  Not procedures uncovered by Medicare.  Medicaid will only pay on what Medicare has. If Iam wrong, someone can post a correction. I hope this helps someone in Indiana...wink!