paramount advantage

on 3/25/09 1:21 pm - toledo, OH

Does anyone know what the process is for this insurance? I know that they cover it but Idk if they have a supervised diet or not? if you have been approved, was it easy or did you have troubles? let me know! thanks!

on 4/2/09 10:36 am - toledo, OH
hey there,

Paramount advantage is the only insurance in our area that does NOT require a 6 month supervised diet. You simply go to the seminar and go from there. From the seminar date til my surgery was prob. one month, maybe a month and a half. The longest part of the the process is the psych eval. First you have to wait for your appt, then you go test (which is like 2-2.5 hours long!) then you have to go back in a week or so to hear the results. Once everything is done, they submitt the paper work, and approval comes within a day or two.

DO it! It's so worth it! and oh, chose DR. PATRICK WHITE, he is the best!

Best of luck,
on 5/28/09 10:02 am - toledo, OH
Where did you have to go to for the seminar?  I am in very begining stages of trying to get everything in order and I was told that I have to go see my PCP first and he has to okay it first, then he has to refer me out from there.  Is there any tips on how I can get this all moving a little faster?

on 3/10/10 1:50 am - Toledo, OH
Are you saying that Paramount Advantage covers weight loss procedjures? If so, how do I get started?
MrzPrecious Que
on 3/14/10 6:37 pm - OH

Yes, Paramount Advantage does cover bariatric surgery!


on 3/15/10 5:38 am - Toledo, OH
Thank you for answering my original question. Now that I've decided on surgery what is the next step to get started.

MrzPrecious Que
on 3/24/10 4:25 am - OH
You have to go to a seminar and you will recieve all the paperwork you need to get started there! good luck!  I was denied today, so Im kinda down, but its because on my psych eval she requested that I join a support group before and after, so I go to a support meeting on April 5th at Dr. whites office.
on 3/29/12 2:29 pm
What insurance plan did you have was 90/10 or 80/20

on 10/4/17 3:46 pm

im curious what the process is for the insurance Paramount Advantage. Does it require a diet pryor to surgery or what


on 3/25/10 11:00 am - Toledo, OH
Thank you for the info & good luck...I  hope you're approved next time around!