Medicare and Gastric Bypass

on 3/24/10 4:53 am
Has anyone found the medicare requirements for gastric bypass on the medicare website ( My dr's office is telling me outdated information (there were changes to the policy in january) and I can't get them to get their heads out of their butts. Much frustration today with this!
on 3/25/10 6:14 am
Assuming you are talking traditional medicare.

A better site for medicare is - It is designed for carriers and non-consumers so it isn't as 'user friendly', but it has a lot more information.

The medicare website is not showing any changes effective the first of the year in the NCD for bariatric surgery - usually they are posted soon after the effective date. ion=3&basket=ncd%3A100%2E1%3A3%3ABariatric+Surgery+for+Treat ment+of+Morbid+Obesity

 They have added addtional facilties to the covered provider list in 2010 see the list @ p#TopOfPage

Gigi North
on 3/25/10 6:19 am
I found it, this is for only certain states (texas included) but for the other states it is easily found on