Supervised Diet - What is acceptable documentation?

on 8/21/10 4:25 am, edited 8/21/10 4:33 am
I did two supervised diet programs but I'm concerned my documentation isn't good enough for insurance approval. 

My first dr supervised diet was from a hospital that included calorie restriction (800 primarily shakes) and weekly meetings with weigh ins, and planned goals for exercise.  I have three letters from this dr/hospital diet program which was sent to my primary care physician outlining my attendance, goals, start and progress, and the letters span over/past a 6 month period, but I do not have my weekly weigh in logs.  Silly me I threw out my weekly weigh in logs and I did this purpously because I had lost weight and never wanted to see these weight numbers again.  Obviously I was not thinking of bariatric surgery at this time.  Unfortunaltey it took me all  but two years to gain back all the weight I had lost.

My second supervised diet was from my primary care physician PCP, and I have copies of pharmacy records that indicate I was on Adipex (diet pill) for 10 months.  I did see my PCP various times throughout this process but not monthly.  I also did Weigh****chers during this time but I have looked everywhere and I cannot find my weekly logs from WW.  I do have documentation regarding my registration into two - 12 week WW programs but not my weekly logs.    

What do you think?  Will this suffice?  What have others used for approval and or appeals?