David Ober
on 1/26/11 3:15 am - Riverside, CA

My sister is considering weight loss surgery, but she only has Medi-Cal insurance. (California's version of MediCare, I think....)

Anyone know if Medi-Cal covers any kind of WLS?

on 1/26/11 12:33 pm - Red Bluff, CA
Hey I live in Northern CA and my Dr is in San Jose CA (well worth the trip) and here is his info :D I know he accepts Medi-Cal as I went there yesterday lol

Dr Richard Nguyen
Advanced Surgical Associates
200 Jose Figueres Ave Suite 225
San Jose, CA 95116

Phone: 408.929.5610
Fax: 408.929.5215

I hope this helps...also I was approved for RNY and Band and VSG at BMI of 40 within 4 days :D

 Height 5'8" Highest Weight - 245 Surgery Weight - 220 Goal Weight - 150-160 Current Weight - 155 

on 1/26/11 1:15 pm - Sacramento, CA
I live in Northern CA as well and I have Medi-Cal now that I got laid off from work. I have not got surgery yet, but I am in the process. Just got done with my Psych eval.

Its a great thing that Medi-Cal covers WLS. I hope with the combined insurance I have with Medi-Cal it covers VSG. I originally wanted RNY but as of a couple of weeks ago I think I want the sleeve.

I have a question for you. What insurance do you have with Medi-cal. Like Blue Cross, Healthnet, etc.?

on 4/22/11 7:34 pm
Were you on a waiting list after your approval?
on 4/23/11 1:57 am - Red Bluff, CA
No waiting list at all, once I decided on the surgery I wanted they sent in the paperwork, four days later I was approved and then my surgery was scheduled three weeks from that date (gotta leave two weeks for the liquid diet and another week to set up child care and time off work and such) It was very prompt.
 Height 5'8" Highest Weight - 245 Surgery Weight - 220 Goal Weight - 150-160 Current Weight - 155 

on 4/14/14 12:24 am

What about the psychological evaluation and the nutrition portion? 


on 6/16/14 10:49 am

Did you have to have any preexisting medical conditions such as high blood pressure or sleep apnea for Medi-cal to Approve you?

on 1/26/11 1:54 pm - Red Bluff, CA
I didn't even know there was more than one type until I started this process. I have the basic BIC card (white w blue writing) if that helps at all. You know I wanted the band, got scheduled mistakenly for the bypass, and ended up prefering the sleeve lol I live in Red Bluff (north of Chico) and just went to my county office and applied so whatever Medi-cal that gets me.
 Height 5'8" Highest Weight - 245 Surgery Weight - 220 Goal Weight - 150-160 Current Weight - 155 

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