Medical Mutual of Ohio APPROVAL!!!

on 8/28/11 12:22 pm
This is my first post and I have been reading different posts for several months.  My primary insurance is united healthcare and my secondary insurance is Medical Mutual of Ohio.  My primary insurance (united healthcare) didn't cover bariatric surgery including gastric bypass surgery but Medical Mutual did if you met all of the requirements.  I have gone through all 6 months of the supervised diet, got my psych test, got the scope of my stomache, went to the heart docotor and got the heart test, ect.  My docotors office first submitted my paperwork to my primary insurance(just to get the denial letter) so they could submit to Medical mutual.  My doctor's office submitted the paperwork to Medical Mutual on Monday morning.  I called the insurance and checked the status every day that entire week.  Finally I called on that same Friday (two days ago) and they just told me that I was approved!!!!  Just to double check, I even called again to make sure I got the same answer.  I have been so worried that I may get denied.  It feels amazing to know that I have the approval.  I have prayed so many times to God over the past 6 months and I believe He knew how important it was to me and He made it such an easy process to get approved.  Now I have to finish up my 2 hour nutrional class and I am ready to get the surgery.  Medical Mutual of Ohio couldnt have made it any easier and seamless.  Good luck to anyone trying to get the approval!!!