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on 5/20/08 3:31 pm
Topic: RE: I am wanting to get in contact with Gary....
Hi, My name is Christina and I live in Oregon.  I currently have insurance with the Oregon Health Plan.  This is insurance for low income people in Oregon.  I just found out today that my surgery isnt covered after all.  I guess there is an OHP plus plan and a OHP standard plan.  The plus plan has the surgery covered but not the standard.  In order to be on the plus plan you have to be pregnant, under age 19, blind,deaf  and a few other things.  I was under the impression I was covered and same with my surgeons office.  In the prioritized list off services Weight loss surgery is listed in line  33 as an approved thing out of 608 lines.  So it is the 33rd most  important thing out of 608 lines.  But I guess it states somewhere that only the plus people get it.  Although I cannot for the life of me find where it excludes the standard people.  When I called the insurance people the lady said yes it is only for plus patients.  My question is Is there any way around this???  I of coarse want to submit it but the surgeons office wont see me unless their office visit will be paid for and of coarse it wont be covered but how do i submit the claim if they at least dont see me to try!!!  I have no problem fighting for the surgery it isnt fair that some low income people get it and not others.  Any suggestions???  Please point me in the right direction if you know where in the heck it is... Is there someone in Oregon that helps with this stuff???  Thanks so much in advance for any help Christina
on 4/24/08 1:47 pm
Topic: RE: I finally have insurance!!!!
Well after 5 long years I finally have insurance.  Now dont get to excited because it is the oregon health plan.  Which is state paid insurance.   But to my knowlecge they just started approving WLS after 6 months of supervision with your doc and you also have to have a co- morbility.  If you have type 2 diabetes you are approved even if you are not needing meds yet.  I am pre diabetic borderline.  Lately i have been having awfull dizzy spells where i almost pass out.  My ears ring and the side of my face gets a bit numb.  I can finally go to the doc and see what thats all about.  I also need knee replacement surgery but i really want the weight off first.  I think it would be to hard trying to recover with an extra 100 pounds to lug around.  If any one knows more about OHP feel free to let me know what you know.  As it stands to my knowledge it is covered as long as you have problems medically.  Thanks everyone!!! Chris
on 3/13/08 9:36 am
Topic: RE: I think i have insurance!!!!

Hello!!! So I recieved an application for Oregon Health Plan today!!!!  Oregon Health Plan is a state insurance that covers those who cant get or afford insurance.  They did a lottery of 5,000 picked out of 100,000 people and i was picked!!!  Thats not even the best part... OHP covers weight loss surgery!!!!  I am sooo excited.  Of coarse there are some hoops to jump and evaluations ect ect but this is at least hope.  I needed hope so badly.  I wanted to share because i have been posting posts about insurance problems for the past week.  Thanks for letting me share.


on 3/12/08 12:04 am
Topic: RE: Needing help finding insurance coerage
Hi  Thanks for your reply,  Are you saying that home depot also has blue cross of alabama as well  as a choice option for home depot part time or as a choice for full time??  If so does the blue cross cover for part time??  Also what did you hate about fred meyer just curious...  Did you like Home Depot??  I  also found ou starbucks covers it...But i havent got called back for an interview i have a feeling home depot will offer the job and not the others.  Thats my luck i get hired by the company that wont cover Thanks Chris
on 3/11/08 8:04 am
Topic: RE: Needing help finding insurance coerage
Hi I have decided on wls and am currently interviewing for jobs.  I ave an interview for part time at home depot and i am wondering if anyone knows if their part time workers get approval for surgery.  I guess the full time and part time benifits differ.  I dont think going to an interview and asking this question is a good idea dughhh.  Anyway i am also interviewing for fred meyer and i do know that part timers have the surgery covered.  I guess starbucks covers as well but if anyone can help I live in Oregon and only want to work at a place that will cover the surgery so I dont want to waste their time or mine.  I am not only working for surgery i will keep the job indefinatley.  Any help is appreciated.  Christina
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