Free Protein Powder Samples

on 1/12/08 2:34 am - Fox Island, WA
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I received 5 FREE sample packets of protein powder from "Chike! Nutrition" yesterday.  The flavors they sent were: Banana, Strawberry, Chocolate, Vanilla and Orange. The website and telephone number for this place is: 1-877-974-2537 I have not tried any of them yet, but I will keep you guys updated on whether they are absolutely fabulous or terribly barfy tasting.

Jean M.
on 1/12/08 5:18 am
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I got my samples this week.  I mixed the Banana and the Vanilla in 8 oz. skim milk w/ 1 tbl. peanut butter and it was very tasty.  The chocolate was good too. Jean
on 1/12/08 7:29 am - Spring, TX
Hi, I checked the website but they wanted $18 for the sample pack. How did you get yours for free?

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Vicki Browning
on 1/12/08 8:41 am - IN
swtxgal  they were offering free samples a couple weeks ago but the offer is not expired.  I got mine and tried the banana and its pretty good havent tried the others cause I choose not to waste my calories on liquid protein rather have the food instead that will stay with me
on 1/13/08 12:36 am - Fox Island, WA
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I went back to the website and did not see the offer for free samples. However, this little blurb was at the bottom of one of the pages on   High Protein Shake Order sample pack&get free shipping Change your body today with Chike! I hope you are able to access their free sample page.

on 1/12/08 11:43 pm - GRAND PRAIRIE, TX
I got mine this week and tried the Banana this morning, I mixed it with water, it was so thick and fabulous, didn't even have to use Calorie Countdown milk, I will definitely buy this brand in the future, definitely worth it and wonderful!


on 7/26/11 1:40 pm - Graham, WA
 I just orderd mine!  I hope I like them..  Thanks for the post.  I am new to this page & just learning how to use it.  Any advice would be great.  =)  
on 6/21/12 7:09 am - atlanta, GA
VSG on 06/27/12
Hi I loved the Chike banana but the carbs are too high since I cannot have over 5.. sad...

on 2/11/10 12:28 am
My husband and I both had gastric bypass.  The problem is that we both like different flavors and it is expensive.  He likes the Body Fortress Whey protein which is actually cheap.  I hate it!!  It tastes like coconut to me.  I like the EAS and of course that one is expensive.  I am trying to find one that we both like that is cheap and I can get both flavors.  I like the powder because I make smoothies.  He likes chocolate and I like vanilla.  Any suggestions?  I was going to order the free samples and pay for shipping but when I looked at the prices it would just be too much to spend.    At Walmart he can get 2 lbs for $14.68 which is perfect but of course the one I like is $17.99 for 12.5 oz and of course is hard to find.  Thanks!