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on 4/10/08 3:35 am - NY
She had the band put in arond 2002, if I recall correctly. I saw her last night on Idol Gives Back.  And she's friggin' HUGE!!! What happened?
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on 4/10/08 3:43 am - Tumbleweed, ID
Ann Wilson has a wonderful voice and is BEAUTIFUL in my opinion.  I believe she had her band removed or that is what I heard.  It hurts when someone calls someout out for being huge.  Haven't we hated that behavior in others?  We all need compassion because we have all been there.  It must have been extremely difficult for her especially to perform with Fergie, but she was awesome nonetheless.
Carolina Girl
on 4/10/08 3:44 am
Lap Band on 02/28/07 with
Is she really???  Thats sad, I havent heard anything about her experience!
Bette B.
on 4/10/08 3:45 am
And she's friggin' HUGE!!! Nice. Real nice.  Obviously, something happened, and it's possible that that "something" can happen to every one of us as well. Something to keep in mind.


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on 4/10/08 3:52 am - Somewhere in beautiful, TN
OUCH, that still hurts to hear those words, friggin huge,  Draz.  I'm sure in the past they were said about me (and probably you too.)  It is still painful to hear them said about anyone.  I don't know what happened to Ann, but it didn't affect her beautiful voice or her beautiful smile at all.  You need to think before you say things like that and remember how painful it was when people were saying that about you.  That being said I thoroughly enjoyed her performance.
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on 4/10/08 11:32 am
And, DD Believer, it is wise to remember an appropriate response to such ignorance:   "I can change my appearance to be "pretty", what can YOU do?"  Ugliness on the inside stays there!
on 4/10/08 3:52 am, edited 4/10/08 3:53 am
I read she had problems with her band and had to have it removed a couple of years ago. God Forbid that should happen to anyone of us and we end up Friggin' Huge again!  -- a little sympathy would be nice, regardless if she had a band or not.

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on 4/10/08 4:01 am
OMG...I'm trying my best to hold my tongue and fingers.  There's more to her than her figure, i.e. that incredible voice.   Calling her, or anyone else for that matter, "friggin' HUGE" is so rude.  I'm grateful your band has gotten you thin enough that you can now make fun and judge other people! What's next, kicking a puppy on your way to work because it looks a little pudgy to you?
on 4/10/08 4:06 am - Austin, TX
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on 4/10/08 4:14 am, edited 4/10/08 4:20 am - Crestwood, KY
Poor choice of words!  I guess we all stick our foot in our mouth from time to time, huh? Here's my 2 cents worth though.  As I was watching last night when I saw Heart come on I too wondered about her weight.  I then looked at my hubby and said "Ya know, regardless of her weight she's beautiful!"  I always did think she looked better than the sister and always did carry herself with class. I would love to look as beautiful as she did last night! 
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