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Chewable BIOTIN?

on 5/19/08 10:29 am

Hey everyone,    I am looking for a chewable biotin, or something that dissolves under the tongue.  Anyone have any personal faves?  How long does one take it for that I'd notice a thickening of my nails and hair?  I cringe to say this, but I'm having some hair problems!  Thanks to anyone who has info!


on 5/19/08 10:41 am - Crescent Springs, KY
RNY on 06/19/15
I've never heard of a chewable biotin but I would love that.  I have taken biotin probably since four month after my surgery.  My hair was falling out a ton.  I have very thick hair so I didn't notice any thinning, but I didn't know what would happen in the future.  My hairdresser noticed the growth of hair before I ever did.  When the hair grows back in it is so annoying because it all so short and wild and all over your head.  But, it is neat to see and proof that the biotin is working. 
on 5/19/08 12:26 pm - Riverview, FL has the cheapest sublingual biotin I could find.  It dissovles under the tongue. I use it everyday! Good luck! Vikki

on 5/20/08 6:26 am
i have been having problems as well.  I finally went out and got biotin.  its in a capsule and i open it up and pour the powder into some apple sauce.  i am telling you, i dont taste a thing.  i always have problems with powder-makes me gag, wanna puke etc.  with this i have no problems at all.  i am so happy with it!