Symptoms of a stretched pouch

on 9/2/09 2:34 am - Richmond, VA
Does anybody know how it feels when your pouch has stretched?  I afraid I have done this to myself.  Will have a flouro fill next week unless it's stretched and if so, then they will take ALL the fluid out and I will start back on liquids for 2 weeks.  Talk about starving. 

I'd appreciate any tips.

(deactivated member)
on 9/2/09 3:47 am - ~Somewhere in~, PA
You may not have pouch dilation, you may just need a fill, but only your surgeon can tell you with an Upper Gi....I think the symptoms can vary, some people are able to eat a lot with reflux and some people have major problems of reflux. Pouch dilation results from being too tight over long periods of time and any eating on a very restricted band will cause the pouch to swell and dilate and if fluid is not removed in time it can eventually lead to a full band slip. Your surgeon will be able to tell if your pouch has stretched too much for comfort zone by doing a Upper GI, if it is dangerously large, usually a total unfill for about 6 weeks is the usual treatement and that will restore the pouch size and then you can resume fills again but slowly and gradually, but hopefully it's not stretched. Good luck.