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on 1/2/10 10:29 am
That's a pretty long ride, but 2 days post op you should be more comfortable. I had day surgery and had about an hour drive home. it was pretty rough, but not too terribly bad. They gave me liquid hydrocodone and it was wonderful for the first 3 days or so (I didn't take any after that). You should be fine, of course, I can't compare it to the pain of other surgeries because it was my first one.
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on 1/2/10 10:31 am - Ellensburg, WA
I've had open shoulder surgery and it is 1000 times worse than lapband surgery. I was luck enough to have very little post op pain. I live 100 miles from the hospital and went home the same day as my surgery. Good luck to you.
on 1/2/10 10:53 am - RI
I was home same day with minimal "pain".  I'd call it more discomfort than pain.  I got my hydrocodone before I left the hospital at 1:30, and didn't take any more until close to 11 that night.  Only took the hydrocodone for a couple of nights to sleep, and then nothing.

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I've had 2 abdominoplasty and a breast lift..lap band surgery was NOTHING! The worst part was the gas pain in my left shoulder..other than that the incisions are a piece of cake compared to the other surgeries I've should be fine on the car ride home..bring a pillow to hold on your lap in case the car stops short..honestly though the pain wasn't much of an issue at all..

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on 1/2/10 11:09 am - Fat City, NJ
 I suffered very little discomfort after surgery.  I took only one pill post op and really didn't need it.  As I'm fond of reminding people I had my surgery in the morning and was grocery shopping at 2:30 that afternoon.
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Hi Ricco, You have lost over 80 lbs. in 3+ months..?????????

WOW..........please give me some advise..................that is unreal...!!!

Great Job...!!!!



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on 1/2/10 11:28 am

Honestly I don't recall much pain at all post op.  The night of surgery I took one dose of the Vicodin prescribed to me, and pretty much toughed it out otherwise.  I returned to work 2 days post op and tired out a bit quicker than I normally would have, but thats it.  I was working with babies that day and wasn't able to lift them from the cribs, but luckily it wasn't required.

You might want to take a pillow to rest against your abdomen since a seatbelt might cut across your incisions/punture sites.


on 1/2/10 11:37 am - Jacksonville, NC
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No pain. I was on a plane from CA to NC within 24 hours of surgery.  Took no pain meds.  Had no gas pains.

My rotator cuff surgery pain was worse.  Although between the morphine pump and the hydrocodone, I didn't really care!

Good luck with your pre and post op diets.  You have to hang in there til you get good restriction, too.  That is the hardest part, I think.

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on 1/2/10 12:02 pm - Salem, OR
hmmm... well, I am a bit of a weenie.  I did have some pain for a few days after surgery, but as someone else posted - it was more of an intense discomfort.  I took the liquid hydrocodone for about 4 days, but mainly only at night & in the morning... after laying still during the night.  The more I moved, the better I felt. 

Remember when you had your rotator cuff tear repair & thinking right afterwards, "What the *#LL was I thinking?  I literally woke up out of lapband thinking, "Yes!", and have had no regrets (scared cuz I want to do this right, but no regrets). 

So compared to your rotator cuff repair, and my ortho surgeries on my foot?  This was absolutely no problem! 
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on 1/2/10 12:13 pm - Quispamsis, Canada
Is this car trip mandatory or optional? I'd opt out if at all possible. That won't be the most comfortable trip of your life. However, if you are pounding the post op pain meds to you, you may not even notice it :)

Post-op pain was way less than gall bladder for me but I wouldn't want to be anyplace other than pretty well bed for the first couple of days.


on 1/2/10 12:19 pm - Salem, OR
You could always stay in a hotel for another day or two.  I think I saw that on someone's blog.  But I'm not sure how long their trip was.  You live in Chico, so you're probably having the surg in Sac? 

If you are going to be a passenger for that trip, take your favorite pillow to put on your tummy (seatbelt was uncomfortable for me), a blanket to make sure you keep warm, and take your pain meds as scheduled.  Make sure your driver doesn't take any "shortcuts" cuz if the car breaks down or there's a problem on I-5, you'll have help pretty quickly.  If you're out on one of the country hiways?  There's never someone there when you need them...

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on 1/2/10 1:29 pm - Chico, CA
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Thanks to at Stanford.........I went to PA School there and iI was a fire department medic there for 14 years......t feels like home to me......I now know things will be fine and I appreciate your help with some mild and unnecessary anxiety............I've had some just horrifying ortho injuries...but this is my first abdominal surgery and I didn't know what to expect........Patrick


on 1/2/10 3:01 pm - WA

I am 3 days post op and the pain has started to subside. The first day I was a little worse for wear but I staid on top of the pain with iuborphen...I had surgery at 8:30 a.m. and was out at 12:30. I went back to my hotel and rested for a bit and then around 6 I went to the mall with my family and walked around for a bit.
The next day I was pretty sore but staid on top of it, because we had a 3 hour car ride (a little over 2 hour car ride) and the car ride home was fine.....

Today I have taken only one round of advil and I feel great!

Just stay on top of the pain, don't let it get ahead of you!

on 1/2/10 6:01 pm - Richmond, VA
I had pretty much 0 pain also after surgery. Remember to use your incentive spirometer because the sickness from pneumonia is worse than the surgery. I had my tonsils taken out last year and it was 3x worse than the lapband
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on 1/2/10 8:49 pm
I just had my surgery Monday.  I had about a 2 hour drive, so mom came with and we had a hotel room.  I stayed the night in the hospital after surgery, so I had some really good pain medication.  I was out of bed directly after surgery...maybe 40 minutes in recovery and I was slowly switching myself to the bed for my room.  I got up and went tinkle and walked the room and sat in a chair within a couple hours of surgery. 

For what you've gone though, this will be a piece of cake!  It feels like you're punched in the stomach or you pulled stomach muscles.  accept the pain meds they give.  I'm still in a little pain at the port sight, but it's not anything horrible.

Oh, and I drove home with mom 2 days after surgery and just slept the whole way LOL.  it was a 2 hour ride.  Take your pain med when you get in the car and you'll be down for the count.  LOL

Good luck!!!!
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on 1/2/10 9:03 pm
Minimal pain, had my surgery at 11:00am one day. The next day had x-rays and was released. Had a five hour ride home...I slept most of the way,  still had that "hit by a bus" feeling! I would take a couple of pillows and a soft fleece blanket. You will be surprised at how good you feel.
Good Luck, Deb  :  )
on 8/28/12 12:34 am - WA
YES! You and me, sister! After reading about all these people who had "no pain", I was beginning to think there was something wrong with me. I am now 6 days out of surgery and finally up and around better. You are right about something ripping, everytime I got up. I was fine once I was on my back quiet, took my pain meds and went "out". To get up, I still have to roll onto my left side and sit up from there, then get my footing to walk. I don't know if that is where my port is, or where the band was placed, at that incision site, but there is still significant pain.I take a pain pill mid am after I've been up and around enough where the pain wont settle down on its own, and mid afternoon for the same thing. Each day is better, but there is diffinately different "laprascopic" procedures used to place a lap band. Some people have very small incisions, and no pain, and some of us have a larger incision at naval and several smaller incisions as well.Left shoulder pain is still pretty bad, but I'm getting better every day. What makes it tolerable is the excitement of the future weight loss. My family is all pulling for me, and I just cant "weight", lol!!
on 4/26/14 12:01 pm

I agree...reading all these made me feel that I am maybe having complications?  the recovery has been nothing what people express here.  I am day 5 post op and the discomfort is unreal.  I had the shoulder "Gas Pain" for 2-3 days but I continue to have gas? pressure throughout my torso.  it feels like its pulling apart my rib cage and I cant pass it.  I have gagged and produced a air barf which released a lot of pressure temporarily.
Ive had breast reduction surgery and that was a piece of cake compared...ive also had 3 kids naturally and Id rather have babies then deal with this.  Its aweful and im starting to think it isn't normal.