Throw up, PB, Slime...ect?!?! (Kinda Gross Topic)

on 1/21/10 3:29 am
Okay silly question time..

Out of no where I feel restriction..which is great. I know that throwing up with the lap band is a no no but I am unsure if what Im doing is consider throwing up. 

Please give me examples of "throwing up", "PBing" and "sliming".

Sometimes If I eat to much food I feel pressure on my chest and I can literally just open my mouth..a bunch of fluid will come up and the slight reminisce of  some mushy protien.  Then the pain stops. 

Is this considered "throwing up" Should I get an unfill?  I have no problems drinking or eating certain foods nor do I have heartburn. But I dont want my band to slip.

Give me some advice...thanks :)
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Nicki H.
on 1/21/10 3:41 am - WA
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It sounds like to me you are PBing a bit with some sliming.  The symptoms you are describing happen to me if;1)I have eaten too much or 2) have gotten stuck.....

Are you eating slow?  Chewing really well?  Small bites??

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on 1/21/10 3:45 am - Minneapolis, MN
VSG on 10/23/12
That's not a dumb question!

The example you gave is definitely what a productive burp, or PB is. Sliming is that saliva/fluid that came up with whatever you burped up. (It's produced to help lube up the ol' stoma area to hopefully pass the food through.) Unfortunately, it's sometimes it's kind of hard to gauge how much is too much. That's why we have to eat slow! (WAY easier said than done!) I usually start yawning or burping or hiccupping right about when I'm done. If I eat past that point, I'll get the brick in the chest feeling and only a very few times, PB whatever it was back up.

If you do experience one of these situations, the best thing you can do is to immediately go back to mushier food or even liquids for a day or two to let things settle. Often times the stoma area could become a bit inflamed or swollen and eating heavy, solid food on top of that could make things worse, causing more inflammation and swelling, the inability to get food AND liquid down, which would lead to a potential unfill. If it gets to the point though where liquids aren't tolerated I'd immediately haul my butt into the doctor's office and get some taken out!

I've only had one kind of bad episode. I tried to eat a really dry piece of chicken, which instantaneously got stuck, in which case I started sliming and PBing up the chicken (which lasted 30ish minutes). The next day, I tried to eat some ground beef and could only eat literally one bite and had discomfort. It was never to the point where I couldn't drink or swallow my spit, but food definitely hurt. I went back to protein shakes/greek yogurt, stuff like that for a day or so and things settled down.

on 1/21/10 3:54 am
Thank you for your responses! I will have to slow it down a bit, and make sure to do exact band is soo picky....

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on 1/21/10 4:01 am - NC
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Once in a while it's ok...but if you find that you are sliming, PB'ing or even really uncomfortable most times that you are too tight. Good luck! -Nikki

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Krista C.
on 1/21/10 6:42 am - Quispamsis, Canada
That's sliming and it should NOT be a normal part of the process. If this is happening too much, you are too full.


Lisa O.
on 1/21/10 7:05 am - Snoqualmie, WA

If you are eating slowly and chewing well you are most likely over-filling your pouch and food is backing up into your esophogus.  IMO that's what a PB is.  It's food that never made it into your pouch becuase there's no stomach acid involved.  Sliming happens when you eat something too large or too dry and your body is signalling that you need help swallowing and sends that lovely thick mucous to try to help the offending food go down. 

Throwing up is not that far from Pbing but is more violent and you retch rather than simply "regurgitate" chewed food. 

That's how I define it anyway. 

Regardless, if you are Pbing daily, go see your doc.  I was scolded for waiting 5 days.  My surgeon says if you PB one time or get stuck one time you should call.  I've never done that but it made me realize that I wasn't taking a stuck episode or PB serious enough.  It's NOT something that should happen with any regularity.  It should be a RARE exception!

Caution to all!

Lisa O.

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Kate -True Brit
on 1/21/10 8:35 am - UK

If by sometimes you mean occasionally, that's probably OK and just careless eating. If you mean regulalry, like at most meals, you may be too tight.


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on 1/21/10 9:41 pm

Just got my 3rd fill and have excellent restriction but I'm able to eat a leg quarter (baked) one day and the next I'm thowing up, PBing, and sliming for 30 minutes off a chicken leg(baked). Its a weird experience bc you can eat something one day and the next you can't. So, I'm gonna stay away from baked chicken and try it boiled for a while.



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