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 Ok. I have lost around 35 pounds..went from a size 20 to a 14...I AM SO HAPPY ABOUT hip bones hurt so bad from sleeping.  Its like my bones dig into the mattress. I use pillows, have a new mattress and Im just not sure what to try.. It hurts to put my hands on my hips , there no bruising but thats what it feels like. Just really tender and sore to the touch. I try sleeping on my back or my stomach but end up on my side waking up several times from the pain..NOW IS THAT WEIRD..of all the things I thought i could not   live without... The FAT on my hips was not in the equation...  anyone else with this type of problem..
on 6/29/10 12:21 am - Chicago, IL
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Sorry you are having this problem.  I had the same problem when Lost weight a couple of years ago.... I slept with a pillow between my legs it took some pressure of my hips..Also, make sure you are getting enough vitamin D and calcium. ...  If the pain continues see your doctor. i hope this helps.

on 6/29/10 12:30 am - Sykesville, MD
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I've lost 50 lbs now and I am having hip joint soreness too! I'm thinking it must be from my body readjusting to my different weight load and how I'm carrying it as I transition down. I don't know but it's driving me nuts. I'm supposed to be feeling better physically, not getting a new issue! lol
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on 6/29/10 1:08 am
Thank you for addressing this.  I'm having the same problems.  Do your elbows hurt too?
on 6/29/10 1:15 am - Carrollton, TX
I am feeling the same thing but on my legs.... It feels as if there are bruises.. but there is nothing there.  Has anyone spoken to their Dr. about this? I will be asking mine tomorrow... will post what he says after my visit!
on 6/29/10 1:27 am
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 At least Im not my agony...The only other issue I have are my shoulder blade bones ???
When Im driving or setting in a high back chair I wiggle around until the pressure on the bone goes away....I guess in a way its a good pain to have.....Keep up informed on what the dr. tells ya..

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on 6/29/10 1:52 am
I'd say do check with your doctor, but I have a couple of thoughts.  Again, I'm not banded yet, so I can't say I know exactly what you all are experiencing from weight loss.  However, last fall I was sent to a rheumatologist because I had pain in weird places.  My joints ached, my skin hurt and I was exhausted.  Firm pressure felt good, but light pressure hurt. The worst pain was muscle pain.  My biceps and forearm muscles felt like I was in a weightlifting marathon and I didn't lift weights.  The arm pain would stop if I would lay on my arms, so I tossed and turned all freaking night.  Sometimes it would get so bad I would just get up and work or watch TV.  I even had to give up knitting.  Heavy quilts on the bed helped.  I had 3 quilts and a bedspread.  I could barely turn over, but once I got settled, the pressure helped me sleep.

After my exam by the rehum doc, she said she was going to do all the normal tests for lupus, fibromyalgia, etc., but she was also going to test my vitamin D level.  Everything came back normal but the vitamin D.  I was extremely low and it was right at the end of summer, and I had been outside some pretty much everyday.  I can't tell you how much different I felt after being on vitamin D.  She put me on the rx version.  I had it tested again recently and it's still not where they would like it, but it's much better, and I'm much better.  So I would suggest reading up on vitamin D and getting your levels checked.  I also started taking a B complex because Bs are the nerve vitamins - especially B6.  The hand surgeon I typed for always put his carpal tunnel patients on B6.

The other thing that comes to mind is that our nerves are used to being very well insulated with fat, and the sciatic nerves run through each buttock and down the hips and legs.  I wonder if it could be a temporary form of neuralgia or neuritis from the nerves having less insulation.  Also, cold air makes people with nerve pain have increased pain.  People were talking yesterday about bands feeling tighter in summer and I wondered if that could be due to increased cold fluid intake.  And it makes me wonder of some of the aches could be exacerbated by air conditioning.

Just something to think about that helped me through some major aches and pains.
Lisa O.
on 6/29/10 4:09 am - Snoqualmie, WA
Tiff and I were just having this conversation on Friday.  I am having the same issues with my hips and lower back especially in the when I first get out of bed and when I stand up from sitting at my desk.  It feels muscular to me because it goes away with stretching.  Tiff feels it's because her stride has changed, (the way she walks now compared to before). 

Early on my shoulders hurt and I think it was becuase with losing the fat everything internally is adjusting and re-shaping.  I find that stretching exercises help and thing that strengthening the muscles around those joints is probably what's needed but I'm not doctor.

Do you by chance sleep on your side?   I do, and sleeping with a pillow between my legs does help a lot, but it's hard if you move a lot during sleep.

Just my thoughts... but you're certainly not alone!

Lisa O.

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on 6/29/10 4:14 am - Lake Odessa, MI
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I have hip pain from other conditions, but I'll tell you what has helped me. We got a new mattress, a pillow top, and it helped........but not enough. I added a nice thick mattress pad and still not enough. So, I bought one of those foam egg crate things from Wallmart. I got a king size for a queen size bed. That goes under the pad. For some reason this provides cushion before my body puts pressure on that area. My oldest daughter has CP, and she has tremendous hip pain and it has helped her, too. Unfortunately, her job, and being a single parent puts stress on her and she is often in severe pain anyway.

I hope you find a solution that works for you, Sue


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on 6/29/10 4:57 am - Vancouver, WA
A trip to a chiropractor might help. As we lose weight our center of balance changes and our spine is "stuck" in it's original position it was in when we weighed more and needs to be adjusted to our new stance and how we carry our weight.