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on 7/28/10 9:44 am - Edinburg, TX
I'm thinking of joining the military if I can overcome some of the obstacles in my life preventing me from doing so.  One is the need to lose more weight AND get my band removed.  I'm so used to having it and fear it will cause me to regain even if I am doing the hard training required for military life.  The other obstacles someone here may relate to is the fact that I'm on meds for hypothyroidism and being bipolar.  I was told I'd have to take these for life but hope there's some alternative such as herbal medicine or something and plan on asking my doctor.  Has anyone been in a similar situation or at least succesfully had the band removed without regaining? 
on 7/28/10 10:03 am - Athens, GA
Most that have it removed do regain. However there are a few that have done very well with their weight after removal.

Are u having a problem with your band? Or are u just having it removed so u can join the military??? I was at a recent WLS M & G and one of the ladies had been in the Army/got out/GAINED/then had RNY/lost weight. She wanted to rejoin the Army after that but the RNY was an automatic disqualifier. She was going to petition for an exception. If u are not having problems with the band and u continue to lose and get to goal u might want to petition to be admitted with it rather than having it removed if it is not necessary.


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on 7/28/10 11:28 am
I would agree with this.  Bipolar will also likely be a disqualifier.  Be sure that is what you really want, and that you will qualify.  As one who was booted out of the air force 30 years ago for being overweight at 145 pounds and 5'6", I know what it's like to be on the fat list and have to report and weigh in to a non-health care person in your own squadron.  My limit was 131 pounds.  I enlisted at 130 starving myself and having sat in the sauna several times the day and night before.  I was also dehydrated because I didn't want any excess fluid - and I was 18 years old.  They have changed the weight restrictions some.  I think in the army now they block advancement in pay grades and promotions if you do not meet regulations in both fitness testing and weight.  If you exceed weight, you get "taped", and somehow, based on your weight, height an size of your neck, they decide whether or not to pass you. And this is all done in public view of your fellow soldiers.  You are just another piece of equipment to the drill sergeants.

If you are thinking about joining because it's a steady paycheck, there are easier ways to get a steady paycheck, as well as a larger one.  If you want to serve, there are other ways to serve your country than sacrificing your other goals of health and weight restriction with the help of your band.  I'm not trying to discourage you, but they may not want you with the band, but they won't want you fat either.  And you can fix that and they may not want you with bipolar.  I would hate to see you or any woman sign up voluntarily for regular berating because of weight issues.  Life is short. Once you have that band removed, you might not be able to get it back if you decide you want it.

We are a military family.  I'm the only one ever booted out because of weight.  It's not all bad, but if you have trouble maintaining the weight standard, it's a really hard hill to climb.  If you decide it is really what you want, I hope you succeed and wish you the best.
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on 7/28/10 1:32 pm - San Francisco, CA
My brother was rejected by the service some years ago because he was treated for depression  in his teens (he was in his early twenties when he tried to sign up).  You probably ought to check out the rules that apply today.  If they're still the same as they were then, a bipolar (or even unipolar) history disqualifies recruits.
on 7/28/10 7:08 pm
 why not look into the national guard?  they might have easier requirements. Plus I wouldn't do anything till I talk to a recruiter and sign that paperwork.  Good luck 
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on 7/29/10 2:20 am
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Bipolar is very serious.  You can't play with meds especially when they are working! 

A Lap Band is not meant to be removed.  Most people gain even with just an unfill.

All the best to you,

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on 7/29/10 4:57 am - Edinburg, TX
 Thanks for the advice everyone; it's been really helpful.  I'll probably stick with the band and explore other options to get some training and have a career.
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on 7/29/10 5:59 am
If money for college is an issue, make an appointment with the financial aid office of any one near you and just go talk to someone about what options are available.  That GI bill is always an attraction, but people are getting assistance for education without serving in the military.  Have you thought about getting an education or training that would allow you to help other people suffering from obesity, seeking WLS, nutrition counseling, etc?  That's a career direction that can't really be outsourced to other countries, would give you that chance to serve others, and will be in greater demand as we as a society keep getting fatter, and one that you have first hand experience as a sufferer.

Good luck in your career search.
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