I can feel something moving under my skin...Wierd

Mary B.
on 8/12/10 12:09 am - Southern, MD
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For about 3 weeks or so...on and off... I feel a wierd feeling of something moving around like something crawling!  This would TOTALLY freak me out if it didnt happen to be the exact same area where where my port is (Yeah...too many Discovery Channel shows about things living inside you)

I only feel this 'moving' when I sit down...just so happens to be right above my spare tire so when I sit I guess it could kinda get lost??

I assume my port is loose?? I am having my band removed in 2 weeks...you think this is serious and I should call? No pain or anything, just a creepy, tickly feeling.

As if im not losing my mind enough....
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Bette B.
on 8/12/10 1:30 am
Glad to see I'm not the only one who wtches "Monsters Inside Me"!

It's probably nothing, but if it's truly creeping you out, ask your doc.


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on 8/12/10 4:44 am
Are you having it removed because of a problem with your port?  If it did come apart, the tubing might me moving up and down with your sitting and standing.  That is weird though.  If you don't find out sooner, you should know in 2 weeks.  Definitely tell the surgeon to look around for anything that might be floating around in there.  Good luck!
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