What's your daily PROTEIN goal? Do you meet it??

on 8/17/10 3:03 am
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Ok, so I'm still on liquids and already I'm stressing about this!  My daily protein goal, (once I get back to real foods, of course) as per my surgeon is 70 grams.  I'm trying to figure out how the heck I'm going to reach 70 grams while only eating 3 4-ounce meals a day.

So my question is, what is your daily protein goal?  Do you reach it on most days?  If so, do you use a protein supplement on a regular basis?

I'm not really one for supplements like bars, shakes, etc.  In past dieting attempts, anything I tried had that fake, chemical-y after taste to it.  I would much rather eat real, whole foods.

What are your thoughts?

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on 8/17/10 3:19 am

Stressing doesn't burn calories; it only causes you to consume more of them.  You will meet your protein intake as long as you watch and make it a priority.  My goal per my surgeon is 50 gm/day.  My intake is usually 70-80/day.  With a 4-oz meal, after you are on solid foods, will usually consist of 3 ounces of dense protein, and then you have another ounce of whatever you want, from veggies to desert if you choose that.  My desert food these days is Greek plain yogurt with a few frozen berries nuked 30 secs and some splenda.  If I want that for a meal, I add some high-fiber cereal like muesli or granola.  1/2 cup Greek yogurt has 10-13 gm protein depending on the brand. 

You will do fine, don't stress of the simple stuff.

on 8/17/10 3:26 am
 I aim for over 80 and I usually make it now that I'm on reg foods

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on 8/17/10 3:27 am
Mine is between 60-80, with a goal of getting pretty close to 80 most days. Some days it's harder than others, but the one thing food wise that was very different for after surgery is that most of my meals now consist of protein instead of mostly carbs.  That one thing makes it a lot easier to get the protein in. I still eat veggies, fruit and grains too.

Here's an example of how I got my protein in today:

Breakfast: Protein Shake 33 grams  (I do these a few times a week, if I know the other foods I will be eating are not that high in protein, but still good for me)

Snack: lowfat cottage cheese: 10 grams

Lunch: Baked Potato with chili & cheese 18 grams

Dinner: Insides of a homemade chicken pot pie 14 grams, garden salad (we are having mashed potatoes with this; but I will pass because I had some potato at lunch)

Total protein for the day is 75 grams. On days that I don't do a protein shake, I would eat a breakfast of greek yogurt or eggs and get in about 14-21 grams of protein and a lunch that included 3-4 ounces of meat to get 21-28 grams of protein.

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on 8/17/10 3:32 am - Des Moines, IA
I get at least 60 grams in a day.  I don't do supplements.  Did your surgeon give you a sample menu of how to get in 70 grams?  
Here are just a few things off the top of my head: 
one cheesestick = 8 grams
1TBSP red fat PB =3.5
yoplait lite yogurt=5
3oz  Oscar Mayer Southwestern chicken breast =23 grams
on 8/17/10 3:51 am
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LOL....I'm not THAT paranoid yet.  Don't worry!

I did not get a sample menu from my surgeon/nutritionist, but I'm sure I will at my next visit, which is in 3 weeks from now.  They told me not to worry about # of protein grams or calories for the 1st 4 weeks post-op.  Right now, my primary concern should be fluids and soft solids...period.

I just wanted to hear from some of you that it was DOABLE without a bunch of processed supplements. 

So, thank you!

You can't go back and make a brand new start, but you can start from now and make a brand new end. 

on 8/17/10 3:57 am
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 It really isn't as hard as you think it is! I get in anywhere from 65-115 grams a day. It all depends on how much I'm exercising that day and need and what I'm eating. Sometimes I eat shakes or bars after I exercise to refuel my body.

Typical day:

Breakfast: 3 egg white omlet  with low fat cheese (20g)

Snack: Almonds  (24) 6 grams

Lunch: 4oz fish fillet - 23 g w/ veggies 3 g

Snack: Cheese stick 8 grams

Dinner: Bison Burger (43g) w/ low fat cheese (6 g) & veggies (2g)

The things that will have the highest amounts of protein source are your fish, chicken, turkey, bison, lean cuts of red meat. Cheese & Nuts also. You don't have to supplement with shakes or bars. Some individuals have a difficult time eating breakfast and have them at breakfast. I sometimes do also. I like the Pure Protein bars the best. I feel like I'm eating a candy bar and that takes my cravings for one away! Plus they are 20g of protein to boot!

Good luck to you!
on 8/17/10 4:09 am - Riverdale, GA

Per my doctor's orders, I get at minimum 80 grams a day. I usually have to do a protein shake, but the Greek Yogurt and dense proteins get me through.
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on 8/17/10 4:13 am - Des Moines, IA
My dr says 60-80g protein for me.  I manage about 30-35g most days on food.  Most days I still need a supplement which my dr is fine with.  He just wants me to try to get as much as possible from my food.  I also can't eat 4 oz of dense protein at a meal yet either.  I normally can only get like 2 oz if it is dense protein, or like 6 oz of Greek yogurt.
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on 8/17/10 4:30 am - UK

Without difficulty!   And I have never had a protein shake or bar, even post-op.

Today (approx figures)

B -large skinny latte -  12 gm
S - yoghourt - 8 gm
L - 2 poached eggs  - 12 gm
D - 3 oz salmon - 21 gm
S - almonds 10 gm

60+    Without even trying!   I aim for between 60 and 70gm. And if you eat breakfast which i don't, easy to get a bit more in. Also I haven't counted the protein in the wholemeal bread I ate with the eggs.  Or the small latte I often have mid morning.


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