How much does Lap Band surgery cost?

on 9/3/10 6:39 am - Regina, Canada
Hi.  I am in Saskatchewan, and I am wondering where I could get lap-band surgery, and how much it would cost?
on 9/3/10 11:10 am - Hill AFB, UT
     I just had Lap Band Aug. 16th, and just received my insurance statement- the actual cost of my surgery was $19,427.78. Insurance covered it all, but I had to pay a $500.00 program fee that this surgeon required to proceed with the surgery. This fee includes any problems that may arise, fills for a year, and access to a dietitian, exercise physiologist and all of the support groups. Not all surgeons offer this program, but it is worth it because I can take advantage of this stuff for a lifetime. Good luck finding a surgeon.


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Jean M.
on 9/3/10 11:18 am
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I don't know anything about surgery in Canada.  Maybe if you post this on the Saskatchewan forum, you could get some valid input.

In the USA, band surgery generally costs about $14,000.  In Mexico, maybe half that.

In deciding your budget for surgery, be sure to keep in mind that band surgery is not a quick-stop procedure like, say, gall bladder surgery (you see the surgeon once before surgery, on the day of surgery, and once afterward.  Band surgery requires frequent follow-up visits and fills, for an indefinite amount of time.  Some surgeons include a year's worth of follow-up visits in their up-front fee.  That's fine, but you need to find out what follow-up visits and fills will cost you after the first year.  In my part of the USA, fills cost about $300 when done in the surgeon's office, and 3-4 times more when done under fluoro.


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on 9/3/10 12:34 pm
 I'm in Florida and I am self pay. Cost for me was 10,000. Included fills for a year. 200$ for fills after that and 100$ for unfills.
on 9/3/10 1:02 pm - Canada
I believe in Ontario it is approx $16 000 for surgery and insurance doesn't usually pay for any of it.  That includes all follow up after.
on 9/3/10 1:55 pm - Ankeny, IA
VSG on 02/27/13
I have so far only seen the insurance forms back for the hospital and the anesthesiologist .. the hospital was over $33K and the anesthesiologist was about $1800.  I havent seen the surgeons yet but perhaps that was part of the $33K ... of course the insurance company paid a bit less than half and the rest they had to write off.


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on 9/3/10 2:00 pm
Lap Band on 07/19/10 with
I am self pay and mine was about $15,000. This included all aftercare for two years including my nutritionist. Good Luck.
on 9/3/10 4:38 pm
I had mine in Mexico for 4650. I have had to deal with my own aftercare but there is a fill center USA in my town so it's not a bother.
Sandy S.
on 7/4/12 5:38 am - Skokie, IL
 Where in Mexico? I'm a self-pay and am looking for a cheaper but safe alternative to the US.  Thanks!

on 9/3/10 5:23 pm - Canada
I am in Saskatchewan.  I had Lapband surgery a few months ago.  The cost was $16,450 for the surgery and the follow up program.
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