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How much does Lap Band surgery cost?

on 9/3/10 1:39 pm - Regina, Canada
Hi.  I am in Saskatchewan, and I am wondering where I could get lap-band surgery, and how much it would cost?
on 9/3/10 6:10 pm - Hill AFB, UT
     I just had Lap Band Aug. 16th, and just received my insurance statement- the actual cost of my surgery was $19,427.78. Insurance covered it all, but I had to pay a $500.00 program fee that this surgeon required to proceed with the surgery. This fee includes any problems that may arise, fills for a year, and access to a dietitian, exercise physiologist and all of the support groups. Not all surgeons offer this program, but it is worth it because I can take advantage of this stuff for a lifetime. Good luck finding a surgeon.


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Jean M.
on 9/3/10 6:18 pm
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I don't know anything about surgery in Canada.  Maybe if you post this on the Saskatchewan forum, you could get some valid input.

In the USA, band surgery generally costs about $14,000.  In Mexico, maybe half that.

In deciding your budget for surgery, be sure to keep in mind that band surgery is not a quick-stop procedure like, say, gall bladder surgery (you see the surgeon once before surgery, on the day of surgery, and once afterward.  Band surgery requires frequent follow-up visits and fills, for an indefinite amount of time.  Some surgeons include a year's worth of follow-up visits in their up-front fee.  That's fine, but you need to find out what follow-up visits and fills will cost you after the first year.  In my part of the USA, fills cost about $300 when done in the surgeon's office, and 3-4 times more when done under fluoro.


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on 9/3/10 7:34 pm
 I'm in Florida and I am self pay. Cost for me was 10,000. Included fills for a year. 200$ for fills after that and 100$ for unfills.
on 9/3/10 8:02 pm - Canada
I believe in Ontario it is approx $16 000 for surgery and insurance doesn't usually pay for any of it.  That includes all follow up after.
on 9/3/10 8:55 pm - Ankeny, IA
VSG on 02/27/13
I have so far only seen the insurance forms back for the hospital and the anesthesiologist .. the hospital was over $33K and the anesthesiologist was about $1800.  I havent seen the surgeons yet but perhaps that was part of the $33K ... of course the insurance company paid a bit less than half and the rest they had to write off.


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on 9/3/10 9:00 pm
Lap Band on 07/19/10 with
I am self pay and mine was about $15,000. This included all aftercare for two years including my nutritionist. Good Luck.
on 9/3/10 11:38 pm
I had mine in Mexico for 4650. I have had to deal with my own aftercare but there is a fill center USA in my town so it's not a bother.
Sandy S.
on 7/4/12 12:38 pm - Skokie, IL
 Where in Mexico? I'm a self-pay and am looking for a cheaper but safe alternative to the US.  Thanks!

on 9/4/10 12:23 am - Canada
I am in Saskatchewan.  I had Lapband surgery a few months ago.  The cost was $16,450 for the surgery and the follow up program.
*~*Canada Girl*~*
on 9/4/10 9:39 am - Mexico
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Mexico by a good surgeon in a hospital vs. a clinic is $6500 USD. But a sleeve is safer long term, better weight loss, and NO maintenance.

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Jo 1962
on 11/9/11 7:58 am - NearHouston, TX
On September 4, 2010 at 9:39 AM Pacific Time, WASaBubbleButt wrote:
Mexico by a good surgeon in a hospital vs. a clinic is $6500 USD. But a sleeve is safer long term, better weight loss, and NO maintenance.

*hijack*  HEY MICHELLE  ::waves:::  long time, no see. How are you and your sleeve?

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on 9/4/10 10:02 am - Chino Hills, CA
Thank god I had insurance, because mine was $38,000.
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on 9/4/10 11:31 am
I was self pay, and mine was $17,500.00 whi*****ludes all support and adjustments for 1 year. 

on 9/4/10 6:51 pm
Lap Band on 10/30/08 with

Self pay in South Carolina, and when all was said and done I paid 'round about $24,000.00. I have insurance, but it does not cover anything weight loss related. I had to pay for all pre-op tests, nutrition counseling, psych evaluation, egd, upper GI, etc.
Still paying........if I need to see my doctor, that's $60.00; if I need a fill/unfill, $250.00. You never stop paying.
on 10/27/11 3:35 pm - Saskatoon, Canada
 I am from saskatoon SK. Canada just a little ways from you...there is a surgeon who does the lap band right there in his centre! amongst other surgeries! Just ask them and they will tell you the price. Good Luck! 
on 11/9/11 5:05 am
On September 3, 2010 at 1:39 PM Pacific Time, kashy wrote:
Hi.  I am in Saskatchewan, and I am wondering where I could get lap-band surgery, and how much it would cost?
Indeed lapband surgery is a very good option to lose weight, but are you mentally prepared and really looking forward to leave your extravagant lifestyle? If you are then you should go for the surgery.

cost of lapband surgery in cananda would fetch you around $17.000 to $18,000 depending on the state you are living. the costs include surgeon's fee, dietician fees and more. If you are looking forward to avail some insurance for lapband surgery medicare pay for that. You can choose to go for this surgery in the Indian subcontinent as the prices are rather lesser than in canada.
Pumpkin X .
on 7/5/12 8:15 am - Califreakinfornia , CA
My Lap Band cost me my quality of life. I now live with chronic pain, permanent nerve damage, and I am at a much higher risk for esophageal and stomach cancer, but the surgical cost was paid 100% by my insurance company.
on 9/4/10 8:56 pm - Earlsboro, OK
Dallas TX $9950, includes 6months of fills under fluro and aftercare. Including nutritionist services

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