Cooler Weather...Tighter Band???

on 9/9/10 9:31 pm - Davison, MI
Hi Everyone,

I'm here in Michigan and over the last week the temps have dropped about 15-20 degrees. 
Over the last couple of days I've noticed that my band seems much tighter.  I have to take even more care than normal when eating to avoid discomfort.

Nothing else has changed lately except the temps. 

Can it really be the weather?  Anyone else notice this? 


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on 9/9/10 10:19 pm, edited 9/9/10 10:21 pm - Sweet Home (for now, at least), AL
Good morning, Leslie.  Interesting question because I've been wondering whether or not the onset of cooler temperatures contribute to sudden tightness in my band.  Although I've been unable to isolate the change in temperatures as the sole cause for band tightness, I've found that travel in itself as well as working under tight deadlines are contributing factors to my band tightness.

What is my definition of tightness?  Some days I can hardly eat more than three bites of a meal, whereas other days I have next to no restriction. 

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on 9/9/10 10:20 pm
I don't know if it has to do with the cooler weather or not, but I've noticed I have restriction suddenly.  I have only had one fill of 1 cc  a couple of weeks ago and was thinking that it didn't do anything.  Suddenly it's like someone flipped a switch.  I haven't had any trouble with stuck episodes or anything, but I feel over full eating the same amount of food as I did last week.  I'm still measuring, so I know it's the same amount, but now it feels like I have a food line at the top of my stomach waiting for room to get in.  That can't be good.  I need to slow down so I feel it before I've eaten the last bite!
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on 9/9/10 10:33 pm - Des Moines, IA
Interesting question.  It would be interesting if we all asked our surgeon's if the weather does effect the tightness.  I have never noticed it, but my band is loose.  Also our body temps are pretty much at 98.6, so ?  I've read some people commenting on high humidity making them tighter also. 
Kate -True Brit
on 9/9/10 10:35 pm - UK

Oppostie for me! Heat and humidity make it feel tighter! Cold doesn't affect mine.


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on 9/9/10 11:30 pm - Fort Worth, TX
Cooler weather always affects the tightness of my band.
on 9/9/10 11:40 pm - Lake Odessa, MI
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That is interesting. Being from Michigan, too, I had noticed tightness during our heat and humidity and was looking forward to cooler weather. I was afraid my band would be too loose. Yesterday, however, with no other factors at work I was so tight it took all morning of nibbling my breakfast, even with breaks to drink something hot. Then, late afternoon I got stuck on canned mandarin oranges. Chewed. I mean STUCK!. Those puppies are almost pre-chewed so how can they get stuck? They did. When they came back up they were just barely identifialble.

I'm on mostly liquids today, but still feel tight. Who knows?

The other thing about the cooler weather, it seems that I am FREEZING! Losing my insulation had me huddling in the house with sweats on all day, when normally I would have considered yesterday as an ideal beach day. I may have to buy that new winter coat this weekend and wear it!


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on 9/10/10 2:31 am - Davison, MI
Thanks for the input everyone. I will ask my Dr.'s office about it but it does help to bounce this stuff off of others. I guess I'm not the only one who has noticed. That makes me feel better.
I don't normally feel tight under stress or travel...but I sure have been the last couple of days and the only factor that comes into play is the cooler temps.

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on 9/10/10 2:44 am
During the summer, I was definitely tighter on hot, humid days.  I've had really good restrction the last couple of weeks, but I didn't think it was due to the cooler weather.  It hasn't been cold here at all, just cooler.  I will be interested to know how the cold weather will affect my band once it gets here.  I just assumed that since heat and humidity made it tight, the cold weather would not, although I could see it happening.

Aw, the fickleness of this thing!
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on 9/10/10 3:22 am - Mexico
Weather always affected my band. The cooler it got the tighter I got. Matter of fact, when it was hot outside (I live in the desert) and I was stuck on something I could go outside in the heat, take a walk, and get unstuck.

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