what does malabsorb mean?

on 10/18/10 7:43 am - United Kingdom
hi what does malabsorb mean?thankyou
on 10/18/10 9:11 am - Woodstock, CT
It means you dont absorb certain vitamins or foods in your diet.

Example a DS'er malabsorbs 80% of the fat they take in. They absorb 20%.

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Lynn B
on 10/18/10 9:12 am, edited 10/18/10 9:12 am
The lap band and VSG do not have mal-absorption - only the RNY and DS.  When they cut out/re-route part of the intestines (that is where your foods nutrients including fat, carbs, protein, vits/minerals are absorbed or taken in by your body) you cause mal-absorption. Depending on what part and how much are removed or bypassed will determine how much fat, protein etc.  that your body doesn't take in (absorb).
Lynn B
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on 10/18/10 9:33 am - United Kingdom
hi,im having a lapband what does this mean for me?thankyou
Jean M.
on 10/18/10 9:54 am
Revision on 08/16/12
If you're having adjustable gastric band surgery, you will not experience malabsorption of nutrients.

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on 10/18/10 10:21 am - Mexico
On October 18, 2010 at 4:33 PM Pacific Time, west wrote:
hi,im having a lapband what does this mean for me?thankyou
Just as Lynn explained to you, bands and sleeve do not malabsorb so it means nothing for you.  You will absorb 100% of the calories and nutrition you consume.

May I suggest that you research all surgery types and make very sure you make an informed decision?  WLS is a really big deal.

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Kate -True Brit
on 10/18/10 6:20 pm - UK

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